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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Confronting shame and confusion

I mistakenly thought that gastrointestinal tract involves the reproductive tract. Well, I chatted with a final year medical student recently, talking about 'sickness' I usually have these days and I meant to say about the reproductive tract but I just wrote there Gastro-tract? How stupid can that be?! I am now acting cool to confront shame, I mean it's very shameful that you have been learning Biology for errr almost 4 years and can't get to differentiate between those two? What a shameful me...

DAYANA DEAR: this is the gastro tract okay??

Confusion arouse against the local Universities application. Noted that around this end of this week, the date for the interviews can be checked but the phase 2 only starts around May? So, what is the function of phase 2 ? I wanna make some amendments and change in my application but this just so friggin' weird. Who thinks the same? Em..

Anyhow, miss these girls.

enjoying the icecream

borak tak habis2

wajah happy habis exam :p

my roommate belanja ice creams hahah.

roommate and deebah

ustazah deebah, jira, huda

adib yang cool gila

die hard suju fan

rm300 worth of ticket

ponteng Munsyi sbb nak pi konsert SUJU3

Huda and Ema

I just too lazy to pick which good and which not good, so I added them all. Credit pictures to beloved Huda Tajuddin in purple. And ignore the fat me, in some of them. Tehee :D


faisal said...

!!!! its nothing to be shamed about.. as for me, i think we should not be ashamed of our mistakes, but be thankful bcoz now we knew our mistake n we can correct @ learn from it..

in your case, it's not a big deal..

nisa' said...

hehe...bile masa ade title ustazah tu..?? ish ish ish...dayana i miss the moment too...=)