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Saturday, 9 April 2011


Planning to write a resume. 
Trying luck for a post at Kumon.
If failed, probably some other tuition centers?

A friend offered me to be her PA.
My job is easy,
Just to wake her up in the morning,
Accompany her to class,
and that's basically all. :)

Then, one more friend,
asked me if I know anything about editing,
I said a mere NO.
I don't even have photoshop :(
If I do, perhaps I can edit some wedding photos.

A resume need me to post my capabilities on,
Perhaps I need my SPM result slip,
But, I misplaced it somewhere,
And I am sooo  lazy to do one.

Have anyone here ever think of becoming a doctor because YOU once see a guy doctor who looks so charming and smart? I can't deny I am too. :P

Dr Ji Hoon from Unstoppable Kick :p

Dr Asou from One Litre Of Tears

Dr Chase from House M.D

>>>P/S: Television, why you show so many handsome fake doctors?<<<


faisal said...

bcoz if the fake doctors are ugly, messy,fat etc.. no one will watch the show..

dayanaazhar:) said...

true. hope real life pun sama:P