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Friday, 8 April 2011


If some kids in school asked his Bahasa Melayu teacher what is the noun for the verb above, will the teacher replied it as ANGGUR? And it doesn't make any sense. Anggur is grape, and menganggur is simply a Malay verb to state a jobless person.

Went to Bank Rakyat recently. It opens to any citizens out there, to buy units of shares. Maximum is RM 100K. Well, actually mom and dad wanna it so much. And since I barely had nothing to do, mom woke me up and promised me to buy some shares for me. So I followed my folks to the bank in Kajang. Seriously, it was superbly crowded, just like a canned of sardines. Hate it.

I needed to open a bank account at the Bank Rakyat, but first needed to fill in one form regarding the information about myself. Finishing it quickly, I jotted down my occupation section as a student. However, I was required to fill in the address or the place where I am studying. Yeah, how great. I am no longer a student at any of higher institutions after ending foundation recently. So, I made a blank at the section.

At the receptionist, I was told that to fill that section. But how? I am no longer studying at UiTM to put that on. My dad went, "Just put there 'menganggur' if it's so hard..." I was like what the? However, to rethink, that's the most suitable phrase anyhow. 

I am menganggur..T.T

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