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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Vague Minds

Above title means : unclear, blurred minds. That what I have right now. This instance. Why?

1. Money-less

- Who wouldn't care if her/his bank account suddenly showed a sudden decrement? Maybe I am over-reacting but this situation put me in cold feet. EY? Yes. One of the things in this whole life world that I DESPISE the most is seeing how bad I did in controlling my lust for shopping. Like every woman on this Planet Earth, I like shopping. My cousin always goes shopping when she's on stress at work. She said it's a therapy and yes it is a therapy. But, this therapy is so barbaric to me. It worries me to hell.

-So, one day, I had lunch at one restaurant at Kajang Sentral (as if everybody knew where it is). After finishing my luncheon,  I stumbled upon an advertisement nearby regarding a vacancy at Smart Reader. It needs a Fardhu A'in and English tutor. So, I took the contact number, IN CASE, I wanna work there. Well, I definitely eligible to work at that place because the location is not a problem to go, since I can even WALK to work. T.T

-One night, I told my mom how worried I am for what happened to my savings. Of course, Mom isn't the kind of mother who would see her daughter struggles for cash. She would bank in some for me, but I insisted that I am old enough to find my own solution, because I am capable not a handicapped. 

2. Work??

- So, I almost on my way to start becoming productive for a job seek. Yesterday, I started by searching for my SPM result slip. However, after 30 minutes searching, I found nothing except for some photocopied ones. Can't find the original, and I am freaked out already! But after tired searching, my mom said, Go take the certificate instead, since it can replace the original slip. I was like okay....waiting for my world's best driver and good friend to tag me along :/

- My another friend, Mimi, who was my job seeker companion during SPM over-days, wants to go for job seeking at KLCC. High salaries if you work at the capital, said she. I understood why she wants to work there despite the distance and the annoyance she has to bear to go there everyday. She said, she wants independence, and that's good because she's a pro in being one. I somehow envy her for that.

3. Exercise

- I used to jog every morning for the last 2 years with my little sister since she schooled in the afternoon. It was rejuvenating and refreshing. Even I jogged with my dad so often till my abdomen felt damn hurt. But, now, since my sister only came home in the afternoon and sleep afterwards and my dad has becoming too old to jog, thus I have no companion. Yeah another excuse. But jogging alone is dangerous especially around my neighborhood. To add more, there's another construction going on nearby, for another Kajang called Kajang 2. The place used to be full of greeneries and it's so good to jog surrounded by those greens, but now, not anymore. It is just a piece of big sand land. T.T With big trucks everywhere and sands and cements, and plus, the immigrants living nearby, to jog around seems like a dream...

-Badminton is what I used to be good at. With 4 rackets I had, it was so fun to play games with friends. My best buddy Chiam, who was my companion every morning, and used to wait for me at the bus stop to head towards our best place to play, is now no longer here. I have less reason to play the game. Alia is another friend, but she's too busy and seems like she had no interest to play with me. My rackets seems gone too, because my brother had been keeping them at his friends'. Arghhh...tense!!

5. Food Fiesta.

-I have been bad at controlling my hunger. Eat so many things and just eat what mom recommends. I hate that she cooks so many oily foods and I have just to eat them because I am hungry, but I know it's bad for health. 

6. UiTM and havoc

- UPU tells us the innocent kids, there will be an interview for those opted for critical courses like medicine and dentistry and pharmacy. So, to cut short, yesterday was the day for us to check for the call. Like always, my name wasn't short listed. I was again frustrated. But keep it cool, then I know, none until this far has got into the interview. Thus, the havoc begun. Everyone from asasi, kept posting in the Facebook page, on the matter. Whether yes or not, that the courses need interviews. Argh...confusing.

7. My dad's latest hobby

- My dad is currently obsessed or in a deep interest towards korean dramas. I was like okay at first, but then every single time he will popped out in front of me and asked whether I have download the recent episodes. It feels great when I like the same series as he does, but when it contrasts, I just feel damn bored. Right now, he likes a drama call Take Care Agashi, which I think super duper boring. But, at least, by letting him enjoy this, it's the least I can do.

>>>p/s: sakit hati lantas rasa macam nak makan orang T.T<<<

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Shairazi Saidin said...

gosh! ur dad...COOLIO!!!