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Sunday, 24 April 2011


Dealing with a pre-mature kid is somehow tiresome. Everything seems unclear what has she got in mind. And that she, is my baby sister. I love my dear sister as anyone would miss theirs. Because she's my flesh and blood. Once upon a time, my baby sister is acknowledge as my best friend, rendering herself close to me and would listen to everything I tell her without much replying. 

She was much more like a big sister actually. I was quite a bad sister; showing hideous examples to her and showing ignorance towards religious stuff. But, at that time, she was completely different. After compulsory solat, she would moved on doing the sunat, then she would recited the Qur'an and read religious books and preachings. I on the other hand, was a total opposite, well now too but improvised a little.

Fifteen years old is how she aged by now. I used to remember a dream I made, going out with her for fun, to shop till drop and to do almost everything with that girl by the time she aged 12, but now, I seemed to have vanished the dream. It seems impossible to be a reality. Much of what I recognized her right now, is that, she would have much more fun hanging out with her childish annoying friends. Some are okay, but some are plainly annoying. I even unfriend many of them because of the sickness seeing how my newsfeeds with their childish posts. 

She used to sulk when my parents and I left her at school and we went for grocery shopping at Tesco. She would cry for hours because we didn't bring her along. She would follow us to wherever we go, because she used to feel scared staying home alone, she used to eat a lot and would eat anything that mom cooks, she would enjoy debating with my dad over littlest matters and brought us with a lot of laughter that shines the house but all of these seems fading away the more she turned into a teenage girl. I somehow dislike the teenage version of my sister.

the cute her

What caused all these? Lack of attention? This is definitely untrue. She is the most pampered child in the family since she's the youngest. Our master bedroom has somehow turned into hers, because she hates sleeping with me. The cause of all these is the technology; INTERNET. Facebook is the devil who bring and cradles her away from the family. Every day when she comes back from school, she would run upstairs, going Online. Chatting with her childish friends for hours, locked the door and would never stepped down the stairs to take a look at us. She doesn't even care about food nowadays, eat fruits all day long. She has less involving in doing housechores because she sees me at home daily on a long break, that could do those jobs. She can't even wash her own plates because she can't get her hands wet due to allergy and all she does is online and study for PMR. 

Other reasons, could be BOYS. Well, I knew it quite deep on how being a beauty on the face could attract teenage boys at school. Even, boys from other schools she met during school trips been giving her presents and love texts. I knew she is smart by ignoring them but still those attentions deter much of her attention and love-seek from us, her true family. I pity my mom who has been really worry on how she transform. But, to give the reason on her examination performance is not that smart either as she scored very well in her papers, in fact, she is better than me. Mom seems like she had no other choices. She loves my baby sister so much because she is her youngest. 

Pre-matured girls are hard to deal with and sometimes annoying. I despised the way she acted like when she really needs me but giving me no sense of gratitude after the help I gave. I despised her disrespectful presence. I need her to change, change into a sister and not some kind of girl whom I unfamiliar with. Period.

>>>p/s: seeing how my siblings and I grow up, later we will leave the house and let our parents stay at home under the loneliness dimmed lights would rather bring sadness. I can sense their sadness and sorrow through their eyes. Through the tone they speak to us and through the moment we kiss their hands. I ponder how I used to misbehaved and acted stupidly around them, but still, they love me no matter what. Parents are gifts from Allah Taala. We don't get the chance to choose them, but they are the best ever meant for us. Love them while you can.<<<


Ikhwan Addin said...

masyaAllah. dayana, ang sebagai kakak adalah role model kepadanya. Cuba dekatkan diri dengan agama. Betulkan cara pemakaian, pergaulan, percakapan dan gaya hidup. Cuba tarik dia sedikit demi sedikit. InsyaAllah, kalau kita ikhlas, Allah akan tlong kita.>.<

*sorry kalau x bernada friendly*

dayanaazhar:) said...

tau tp aku rasa dia anggap aku cam tunggul je, dulu yelah sebagai role model tp not anymore.

Ikhwan Addin said...

erm, time dia tidur, try baca surah taha ayat 1-5 kat telinga dia.

Shairazi Saidin said...

ask her for a date then. a friendly sisters date. Going out abd hv some fun would get rid all the tunggul thing. :p

dayanaazhar:) said...

yep. I plan one too for my sister and I. I have to wait when she's really free, since she has been really busy at school and friends! thanks shaimars:P