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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Out and Red Riding Hood

Planned for a game of bowling at Metro Point Kajang, but the plan wasn't meant to come true. Saturday wasn't a good day for a bowl, merely since the place was overcrowded with tournaments and youngsters.

We assumed it was like this but we were WRONG!
Huda was kind enough to have text me and asked me for the game. I asked Maryam and Durrah, long time no see schoolmates and friends, to tag along as well, but Maryam had to be a nanny at her home. At last only three of us, Huda, Durrah and I. Huda, the world's best driver is our best driver too! I certainly had to bring her for a drive someday :')

We hated waiting, and so do everyone OUT THERE. So, we exited the place and headed towards Alamanda, Putrajaya. Nasib baik ada kereta, kalau tak, we will be dead waiting. Our bowling game turned out to be a day out for a movie. There were just too many to choose from, and at last, RED RIDING HOOD was our fate for the day.

she was an okay RED RIDING HOOD

Basically, this movie is a bit different from the legend or the tale that we used to hear during childhood years. In fact, it was different. Much like Twilight, hence I assumed Twilight's fans must be excited to see this one. Amanda Seyfried as Valerie is actually half human half wolf. Her father was a wolf in this movie and would turn into a wolf during Blood Moon, which believed to happen every 13 years? And, there's a family conflict in this movie throughout the end, and twists here and there. It dwells on which one in the village where Valerie lived, is actually the were-wolf. Only at the end, people will understand why it was her father. Emm malas la citer. Tengok la sendiri...:D

If I was to rate this film, a plain 3 out of 5 will do. Not exhilarating till one can jaw-dropped but worth watching. Okay, I guess this would be the last movie for this month and next month. I am broke already :(

>>>p/s: Huda kept telling me, to work work and work. I think I need work. I need work outs and I need everything that has the word WORK in it<<<

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