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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Freeze it now or never

Assalamualaikum to dear readers and non-readers who happened to stumble upon my blog then quickly pressing the 'x' button to exit. Saturday the 7th May and what happened in May recently? May of 2011 just have started but yet Malaysia my dear country has once again coming up with a new agenda, a new plan for the sake of its people. What else than the shocking or even for some, an expected news, regarding the freeze of medical courses in any higher institutions fastened on the very 1st May 2011. Wow, Dr Pagal, your concern has finally answered.

I first saw the news in Facebook, where my fellow asasian friends who keen to do medicine, showed their fright upon the news. I even ignored a friend's chat just to share the news again with me. I saw it in then the next day it was in every newspapers you could find in town. Medicine is definitely the most popular choices among students and the rivalries are many. Even some juniors of mine are having their dreams to be one....but sadly, here comes the nightmare, it will be freeze for 5 years because the ministry claimed that the present number of students will sustain the need of the capita 1 doctor to 400 patients by the year 2020. 

Then came the explanation from one senior at UiTM, who said the news was meant for higher institutions which have not come up with a medical courses to NOT offering medicine for the time being. Meaning, any other institutions which already have that course could continue takings students in. But the worries are still there. Maybe for those who gained a flat 4 will feel rather secured but for those above 3.5 would be on the edge of a cliff. And for premedicine, I am leaving my luck to Allah AlMighty and should not put any high hope since it would be fired back. I am also tired replying to messages from some fellow unknown asasian who asked about the offer letter to the premeds. Only 137 students will be picked out and for now pray hard to get into those 137.

>>p/s: if medicine isn't my destiny, InsyaAllah, I have something else better to do. The world is wide and temporary. Keep Calm and move on<<

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