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Friday, 8 July 2011


Life is keen for changes. And similar fact goes to the cyber world. 

Yesterday morning, as I woke up from a very good night sleep, I found a change on the blogger. The dashboard is now new and it is the second change made by the administrators. My comment on it? Well, better than the first change lol. 

Then, this morning, as I woke up, Facebook got a new FB chat. It can now imply video calls. But it meant nothing to me actually since I rarely do video calls. I prefer typing and not seeing the other persons while chatting. HeheheXD. Because you know,  for girls it would be a drench to grab head covers or shawls just to see someone online.

Other changes are I myself, who happened to feel this blossom of gratefulness and syukur to Allah S.W.T, for HE has planned the best destiny for me from the start. Attending Asasi had somehow put me now to where I can hold on: to many friends whom I can consider as some of the best things that ever occurred in my life. 

I have Dina Azureen- who is always funny and a good laughter-kind-of person. I can tell her almost anything and she would listen. It's great to have one funny person who could tell simple stories, but still it felt like the stories are some kind of comedies. Thanks Dina Azureen for everything. You will be flying to Bandung to further your medical degree. Alhamdulillah Dina. I am happy for you.

I have Dina Syafiqah - who kindly our best manager in the group. Always the best 'planner' among us. And the best driver. You too goodluck at Puncak Alam's UiTM once again for another 4 years of Pharmaceutical studies. Hehehe ;D

I have Azneeza Manan - who I called her Jija. She's the most slumber person yet but still the brightest. Always the fun ones and loves watching horror movies and odd movies. She terrifies us with her weird way of eating but still that would make us have the good laugh together. Naissseee...;D

I have Nurul Ashikin - who I adore for her patience and kindness. We used to hang out in her room at Puncak Alam every wednesday for girly girls' movie. She's a true friends for anything, and so adorable too. Too bad I couldn't accompany her to ronda-ronda KL, due to several reasons. emm sad..

I have Eisya Aiman - a very calm lady who is cute enough to just prick her cheeks. Just got her P license which marked that everyone in the troops of girls already have the license except me. T.T. She's so funny and eat a lot yet maintaining those super plywood figure. A jealousy-factor indeed. 

I have Eliza Lehan- a quite bossy person yet so fun to be with. With lots of experience working and experience in life. The most responsible person I ever met, and so diligent. A total leader!

I have last but not least the cute Azyan Amani - a very lovable person who is the strongest person I know. Lost her mom recently, but she gave us this example to stay cool and strong at whatever conditions we pursued. Always tell me that being a dentist is better by mentioning about dentists can wear high heels but doctors can't. hahaha. A very sarcastic person too, and can be spontaneously funny. Love her a lot!

I have Naqib - one of the guys both I firstly met online and in real life, who still on the go to have this friendship with me. A doctor to be too, who is now busy preparing for his A Level exam and IELTS- and going to pursue medicine in India. Met him first during asasi, and it was sad to see he left. But I was glad the friendship does not stop. He is a very good motivator and always my hub of advice as well as information regarding scholarships and such. Glad to know him and met him:)

I have Doc- who is now a fresh medical doctor. Just returned to Malaysia from the Soviet Land. A nice guy who I have met both online and real life. And always there when boredom strikes, well sometimes. And always on the go giving those spirits to keep moving on with the madness of wanting to be a medical student. Hahaha:D

There are indeed a lot more friends I would like to mention here, but just save it for later. Above are the girls who inspire me in everything they do, and how they act. I love everyone's personalities and they are the ones who support me in and out besides Allah and my parents. I am lucky to be part of them, it's an honour. 


namaakulynn said...

goodluck! ;))

faisal said...

hahaha,, well..thanks 4 being my friend..