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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tak Cukup Bagus

Malaysia is my country. Studying medicine here would be my loveliest dream. Guess what? I can't. Why? Because I am just not good enough. I love Pre-Med. I am thankful for the experience. But in the end, I was given false hope. Fake. 

As my parents are now agreeing on India. Oh didn't I tell you I got India instead? So, perhaps, InsyaAllah I will go there. But then again, this time I am using cable to apply for UiTM. Emmm....Ya Rabb, Gives me strength to overcome this. I need you the most. 

still unwell. need to recover from despair.

1 comment:

farrah said...

salam akak, akak tk dpt medik uitm eh :( even result akak okey?