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Monday, 4 July 2011

We'll be there


Last night, Azyan, a very good friend of mine from Asasi sent me a text message. Usually, her messages would content words of thoughts, and words that would cherish my day. However, it was not the same for last night. I was shocked, to read, to actually read that message full of sadness.

'My mum passed away. Al-Fatihah' - sent by her.

I myself burst into tears, and I bet her condition is worst. I just hope and pray to Allah Al Mighty for her strength to face this. I know she's strong, and patient, she has always been one of those values. And let's pray that her mother is placed among those who are of good taqwa and imann.

To Azyan Amani: Patience my dear. Allah surely loves your mother more. 


Miss Gucci LV said...

al-fatihah...btw, her mom sakit ape?

dayanaazhar:) said...

thanks:) oh her mom, probably cancer.

Calvin Charles said...

Takziah... Kesianto see her cute and joyful face to be sad...:(