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Saturday, 2 July 2011


PENANG, 27 Jan – Teaching and learning using real corpses (cadavers) is a key component in the USM International Medical Doctor Programme carried out in collaboration with KLE University in Belgaum, Bangalore, India (USM-KLE).
KLE, otherwise known as Karnataka Lingayat Education (KLE), was basically established to carry out teaching and learning activities in various fields in Karnataka and South Maharashtra, India.
USM-KLE which has five-star learning and accommodation facilities is regarded as the best alternative and significant location for Malaysian students interested in pursuing a medical degree overseas.
The Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said that in order to obtain much better and effective learning experiences, students must take full advantage of the fact that cadavers are used in their studies.
He said that so far there are no universities in the world that are prepared to provide cadavers to meet the needs in the teaching and learning process because of the difficulty in obtaining them. It is different in India, where they are donated for learning purposes.
“We have to take this opportunity to get the best education and the time has come to change our perceptions about India because not everything is bad,” he said in a media conference here today.

Copy and pasted from the USM-KLE Introductory Page. Hehehe. Alhamdulillah, I will go for an interview at Kelantan next week, inshaAllah :'). Right now, I am sort of trying to study for the interview. Never in my life I attended one, this would be my first, well if I excluded the job-seeking interviews of course. Serious nervous. 

The good news is I got the call, the bad news is I don't know how to go. Mom is going to Melbourne on the ninth , meanwhile I have an interview at 8.30 am the next day. Therefore, I have to rush helping mom out on packing that night or probably I have to run errand to get a bus to Kelantan. Mom won't be there, so only dad is around. Probably, I would tag my sister along to help me with the girl's thingy.

Hopefully everything would be just fine till the interview ends. I need this. I have been browsing through a couple of blogs owned by the first batch's students at KLE, and the campus is superb. But UiTM is better, and always better :') Plus, in India, I would have the best experience on clinical skills what not it offers adequate cadavers to 'play' with and that's the fun thing about becoming a medical student right? LOL

Till then, pray for me my dear readers. I am not hoping high, but if there's rezeki, I would go. 


Calvin Charles said...

GO Dayana!!! Do well. Pray to Allah so that He can make your day great to become a medical doctor. Well, ppl like me who is not that lucky enough will try other course. See, told you, God is on your side! I pray that you got UiTM or USM-KLE. Aish, supposedly I can apply but already due date.(SHIT!) Be the best medical doctor!! Kalau nanti I sakit I akan rujuk kes I ngan u k. CHAIYOOOKKKK!!!! God Bless You, my friend.

namaakulynn said...

goodluck then. ;)

dayanaazhar:) said...

arigatoozaimasu calvin:) hope good returns to you:)

lyn: thanks:)