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Friday, 1 July 2011

Curtains Are Now Down

Remember the moment when Mara sent me a message which congratulated me for being placed at UiTM for Pre-Medicine course was speechless and amazing. I was at the back seat of a van which we rented for a week during a trip to Sabah, a month ago. I was happy and couldn't utter a single word. My friends who were in the trip knew about the news just 2 days after that. I was so scared to tell them, as being overboard could lead to bad luck.

30th June was yesterday. Another history shall I say. History marked the end of my experience attending Pre Medicine here at UiTM Shah Alam (USA) with other 135 students. And yesterday, we had an exposure examination on MCQ True and False questions, whereby it comprised of negative marking scheme. Better leave unanswered said most of our seniors. Dr Rosfaizah, our coordinator said, those questions were lower at standard compared to the real one that inshaAllah we would sit for during the real degree. 

It's scary by the way. Even the lower standard seemed a bit tough. Emm...well tough is not actually the word, but when there are so many topics you learned in a sudden after a brain hiatus for 2 weeks, you'll feel the culture shock. Seriously a bit depressing since answers were quite confusing. Added to the dismay, only an hour was given. T.T

After MCQ, it was time for SAQ (Short Answered Questions). There were 3 questions, and compulsory to answer all of them. The questions were okay to our level but I was numb after seeing the first one, asking to describe extrahepatic biliary tract? What the toot? Haih....I just wrote down what I think was relevant enough. Hopefully, it doesn't back fire T.T

At 11 AM, everything came to a complete full stop. People were happy and relieved to have completed the course. The coordinators kept repeating that hopefully they will see us again in September, and yeah, inshaAllah we will if there's nothing in between. 

And yesterday, to celebrate the end of intense pressure, my roommates and I went to the bookfair at the SACC Mall, had McD for lunch and spent money like they are dried leaves. By the time I reached the hostel back, I was moneyless. I haven't even paid for the dinner yesterday...dah pokai T.T

the hospital sungai buloh's counter

the small park/garden in the middle of the hospital

my sweetest roommates, najwa and nadhirah

2 days before exam, ronda2 kampus :p

the corridor towards the lecture halls :'(
after the exam ended, with sharifah hamizah who would leave for USM this september :'(

my desk's number 93....Fakulti Perubatan USA tuuuu:p

visiting the sports center...dekat je rupanya :P
and sooo the NOOB-est nerdy played....without shoes on. But It was fun!

>>>p/s: I wonder why it's so hard to meet someone I always wanna meet, always wanna chat with and always wanna know. Everytime we planned something, there's other things came in between. SIGH. With this, I end my post regarding Pre Med. Only God knows best where would I head to after this. And of course, I will miss those who are going to USM...SAYONARA :')<<<

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