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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

meaning of A+

Ok. This post tells you readers how 'stress' the form five batch gonna be this year. That includes my brother of course.

Last Sunday, I happily and willingly eager to follow mum and dad to SM Sains Tuanku Munawir or previously known as SASER. Objective was simple; to fetch my brother's previous mid-year exam slip.

Brother in magenta, with dad in white, heading to meet the teachers

We were kinda late since every classes were crowded with parents and family members. Altogether, we took about two hours and managed to meet almost all the teachers except for his math teacher and Ustaz.

Not to boast, but my brother turned out to score quite well even though he did flunk compared to last year's. He is now at the 18th spot in the overall 100++ form five students in the school. Not bad considering that he's now at Saser. He managed to get 2nd place in his class and the boy who was at the first spot in his class managed to beat other boys and consistently at his comfort zone of being on the very top of the scorers. 

Teachers mostly aimed big. At boarding schools, usually, teachers would spoon fed you. And it depends on how hard you did your revision to enable you to score good marks. Frankly, my brother didn't score a straight A's and he did worse in Bahasa Inggeris which made all of us quite shocked. But I am not that 'afraid' and 'concern'. Because, you see, mostly, students won't show their true colors during normal exams but will turn to roaring lions and score so well at the real examination.

My parents were quite relieved to hear that my brother has not that much of a problem regarding disciplines and focus. Just that he like many others would sometimes fall asleep, and that is normal for teenage boys at boarding schools. Teachers asked my brother to aim for A+ and at least A. Even A- these days won't bring you 'nowhere'. They somehow frightened him, I could see in his eyes. Adding up to the fact that he's now among the line of boys who are being nominated as potential scorers. 

'Score A+ wan...and scholarships come kneeling to you' -- this is ALMOST how the teachers sounded. At the same time, my brother looked scared.

the boring and sad face of a 17 year old SPM candidate

The best thing happened to me at his school was that teachers kept noting me as my brother's little sister meanwhile I am the eldest. Funny though because I usually looks like someone's mother. :P HEHE 

And knowing how hard it is for my brother to hold that position right now, make I pity him. Boarding school has surely changes him to the better. Better in the sense of his studies. troop of friends and also social skills. It makes me happy seeing him there. At least, he will be having one Alma Mater to brag about once he leaves. Hahaha.

A+ for core sciences subjects are tougher than anyone could ever imagine. Even I myself failed to obtained those pluses. Just pray that he could. He has the potential. And I'll pray for his best every single seconds. 

>>>p/s: relax bro. 3 more months, then enjoy your heart out. You will be drown with boredom AHAHA. By the way, his Biology teacher told him to be a doctor, but he himself said NO<<<

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Calvin Charles said...

At least your lil bro did well in his examination. Not like me. My lil bro was so obsessed with facebook until he forget about his study. How I wish I could have a bro like you, Dayana. How I wish! :'(