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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ze Islamic Kelantan

All over the places, I was in awe of the abundant of Tulisan Jawi on shops premises. I was glad to see billboards with Islamic-featured women models and the fact that there's no cinema or cineplex around would be another uniqueness of that state. Not to mention, there's no highway connecting Kelantan to other states, therefore the whole journey took 8 hours to reach there, and 10 BLOODY hours to return to Kajang. AlhamduLILLAH the journey was smooth throughout.

USM campus was nice even though it's old. The hospital is attached to it, so you can imagine how easy for those doctors who work there. The kelantaneses are nice too especially one aunt who I happened to need her guide to the hospital bathroom. She told me to be extra careful while bathing because strangers can easily peep and go inside. I was glad to have my little sister to accompany me, if not, imagine how to bath in a bathroom with no lock?

I am thankful to have my patient dad around. Even though I was all moody that morning and kept nagging about this and that, he kept calm. He kept telling how easy the interview will be held but I on the other hand kept pressuring my self. I am so stupid..

Even though I was badly scared if I couldn't reach there early, I was actually the earliest to make it. I was also the first to be interviewed. Em it was nerve recking but seriously a nice experience. Now, what can I do is pray for the best. India seems interesting but like what the Malay saying goes; 

Hujan Emas di Negara Orang, Hujan Batu di Negara Sendiri, Lebih Baik di Negeri Sendiri :) 

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