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Saturday, 20 August 2011

It's nearer

Wow. Another 9 days for my brother to return home. Everyone in the family miss him for sure. I remember being a bossy sister, whom always tell him not to finish the whole Iftar nice beverage for himself. My brother used to be quite greedy but not anymore. He seldom eat, and I wonder why. To be frank, both my brother and sister are turning into plywood super thin, but I am the only one who turns gigantic. Clap clap. Where did I get the gene from? HERMM

Anyhow, so, I assumed when my brother comes home, he would have spend most of his time using my laptop to online of course. For that, I must 'beralah'. The worst part when it comes to being the eldest. Always beralah. I miss the moments when he adored the PS2. Sadly, he said, PS2 is so last season. T.T Thus, I would then occupied myself with packing. MUAHAHA. Yes people, I take years to pack, because it is for bloody 5 years. So is that a problem? 

Time is so compact, that I feel I haven't fill these long holidays with something really beneficial to myself except for the Sabah Trip and Pre med. I actually wanna spend time with lovely ex-future-sister-in-Law, hehe no actually, it was a history. But that girl, is really nice and cute. I fond cute girls, especially shorties. HEHE. But note that I am straight, okayy? Anyhow, I regret it so much that I don't have my driving license yet. I feel dumb now, really. It is embarrassing enough to renew the L license for the 3rd time. Blame me for procrastinating. I just don't feel quite comfortable with my instructors. I messed with three instructors already. Yeah, I am harsh and BAD. Happy?

After reading an article suggested by Aiman Azlan, which you can also read it here, (if you want to), I feel like I have bad mouth. Well yeah, I do have a bad mouth. This holy month alone, I had speak nasty towards my mother which can drag me to hell. It's so hard for me to control my emotions at times. Sometimes, I couldn't stand criticisms and I am not good controlling anger and patience. Of course, even a kindergarten kid could tell this is not a good trait to become someone who looks after someone. 

Must change is the only way I could take to stop being bad mouth. It won't bring me nowhere if I continue being a jerk. Plus, the aim to khatam the Quran twice, seems like in my dreams. I don't know why it becomes quite slow this time. 

Raya is near, PMR for my little sister is near and then come SPM for my brother. It's scary seeing how they study, and now I can actually see how bad I look like when I study HAHA. For my brother, everyone is hoping high for him, but I just pray he could grab scholarships. It's hard if you have no scholarships for degree. What not, relying on PTPTIPU (formerly known as PTPTN) is definitely nerve-wrecking. 

EH, and one thing is nearer: my flight to Belgium Belgaum, India. Mom advised me not to act like rich bratty kid, don't be friend with rich bratty kids, don't spend foolishly, and don't eat too much and WORK OUT. I think one disgust a mother has to face is to having a fat daughter. T...T Sorry Mommy :'(. Yeah, it's 20th Ramadhan already. Heads on, keep calm, be patience and upgrade your Ibadah. Pray for healthiness for the next Ramadhan. 

>>p/s: Jealousy is bad. Shut it off. Oh wait, It has no button -.-'''>>>


Affina Fatin said...

All the best kat India Dayana. =) Mmg xde manusia yg perfect. smua org pun pernah khilaf.

dayanaazhar:) said...

Thanks A lot fina for the wish. Yes...just wanna change to the better:) hhehe.

faisal said...

WORK OUT...WORK OUT...kalahkan dalilah ashikin..