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Thursday, 18 August 2011


Em I could never learn to think nice of people. All I could do, is thinking negative. That person is rude, this person is annoying, people hate me. Why oh why?

Again, quarreling with mom and will be boarding off faraway soon is not a good thing. Yet, everything coming from people's mouth that didn't suit my mood, will deter this mood swings. Been having sleepless nights thinking about future, about life, about future friends, future hardships and many worries and imaginations which are useless. 

Plus, packing things make me sad. And the more I pack, the more I think of bringing the whole house with me. GULP. And today I quarrel with mom regarding one thing so sacred. Mom called me impatience. Hence, she brought up the matter whether or not can I possess a good patience in myself. ARGHH. I am bad at this. Thus, I sinned just because of that during Ramadan. Seriously, I am sick.

Hurm. Hurm....just that, days are becoming nearer to the day I have to leave the house. I really have wasted my long holidays for more of 'NOTHING' compared to 'SOMETHING'. HAIH.....

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