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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

6 months and counting

*counting macam pregnant nak beranak pulak* hahaaha

Today we started our day with the GIT block. GIT is an abbreviation for Gastro-Intestinal-Tract. Okay, so we are basically gonna learn on the tract of the food in our body; right from the oral cavity down esophagus as a bolus, comes down to the stomach at the Cardial notch and it's opening, through the pyloric sphincter, making its way towards the first part of duodenum, second part of duodenum and up till the 4th part and then passing through the ileum and jejunum. The list goes on, with the complex arteries and veins we have to remember.

Of course, for all visual learners, these might be a little handy for you. But for me, it is so hard. Orang cakap, Usah dibilang sukar, sekiranya tak cuba. Stop Wishing. Start doing! But one thing I can resist is to have a nice day without any thing related to books. This is surely not a medical student should do. 

I feel lost today. Maybe because I didn't apply any revision before encountering with an enormous amount of anatomy illustrations, muscles etc. I feel like vomiting. These gave me metabolic acidosis already. LOL. I am exaggerating while I was the one who said I can endure this. Boo me!

Come on dayana! Laziness brings you now where. Start doing. Do you wanna see tears in yourself when Prof KJ mentioned you are in the list of the students who fail the Pro Exam? NO!!! Nauzubillah No! So, dayana stop dreaming, but start making something into a reality. Allah is always there for you!!

And another a couple of months to return to Malaysia. But must make this come back a happy one, for the sake of my parents and families!

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Fatin Hazdzirah said...

yeahhhh :D dont forget kaya ok... LOL