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Monday, 23 April 2012

Busy body


Yes. I am a proud sister to a proud little brother. That lazy chad has proven that he got the brain even though I know I should not judge him according to his result in recent SPM. I heard SPM's quality dropped, well it almost has been, almost every year. More quantity, less quality; and that's how ironic our education system is.

But I am not gonna blabber about national stories or whining about the urge of Malaysia to change its style in educate its future generation. Okay, to cut things short; I noticed JPA has changed its policy in giving these smarties the scholarships. My brother got the Bursary thingy; where Kementerian Pelajaran offered to sponsor his em preparation studies. So he chose to do A-Level. He also has in his mind to be an IB-an, which I quickly restricted him to do so, because of several personal reasons.

He applied for Japanese engineering program, and was called for the test and interview, but he gave a lame excuse that he woke up late. I was like furious. It seems like these people when they get something so good, opportunity that other people are dreaming of, they could just slip it away by telling others they was fast asleep and didn't notice any call. What an absurd?

Later, he told me he was tired to think about anything and would just go off with the A level for science at Taylors. Oh mai, Taylors tu!! Tempat yang susah sikit nak study. HAHA...ok bye. thats all...I bebel too much to him and I suppose to know boys are meant to be existing to hear women talk. 

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Fatin Hazdzirah said...

untunglahhh.. tp tentang japan engineering programme tu kita pun bengang jugak . hohoho. congrats anyway