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Sunday, 29 April 2012


Dear You,
Did you remember the time when you text me and asked me what I am going to do after SPM?
We text for hours dreaming of our future, I mean our career. 
You mentioned you wanna be a doctor and you sounded happy when you knew we had the same dream.

Dear You,
Did you remember the times when you asked me to see something you wanna show me in the web, on December 2010?

You told me that you were going to that place, and then pursue to study medicine in Russia.
You asked me whether I wanna tagged you along.
You asked me to look at the photos, and you saw tables and chairs, and you said it would be lovely if we could study together.
Didn't you remember?

Dear You,
You text me quite a number of times asking me whether I am attending the place where you are about to go to study.
I was blind and a fool that I forced my parents to send me there, because I thought it would be good to have a friend to study with; with the same passion for medicine.
And so yes, I went there. I was there with you.

Dear You,
Did you remember when you text me asking whether I want you to reserve a seat in the class for me?
And when I arrived, the class was full so I sat at the back. And then you text me back, telling you were sorry.

Dear You,
We had nice time studying russian, even though we didn't practice it together.
We had nice time studying at the library.
And I simply like how you were passionate as I am.

Dear you,
I was sad when you get better chances and going.
You were planning to go far ahead, better than anyone.
Then now, things are reversed.
You told me, perhaps you're going to switch on doing something else rather than medicine.
I was shocked.
We had a dream together. 
Only if you remember. 

Please. Stay on the tract you wanted. Don't change. Please.

To Fahmifaisal

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