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Thursday, 27 December 2012


Irshad was at the normal market that sell varieties of food and goods. He went there because someone at home asked him to purchase some bananas, apples and carrots. As usual, it was a normal Indian market that he went to, so it was crowded with people but things were so cheap as the hawkers were all from the village. Nobody could ignore the temptation of cheap foods that were sold there. 

One thing about Indian market is you have to be good at choosing what you wanna buy. You might be surprised by how cheap the food and the goods, as well as you are at the highest degree to be conned. Bargaining is a skill to master when visiting the market. Irshad tried to masked the hanky noises from the surrounding. He was not that kind of man who knows to buy food properly. He was there because he was forced to under certain reasons. He looked perplexed and confused but straightly walked near a stall where there was a guy wearing a slanky kurta standing. The man who seemed like had not shaved for months showed his best bananas and chikoos to Irshad. 

Irshad who was still confused, scratched his head, a sign of not knowing anything. The hawker bended down and helped him choose the best among the best bananas and apples for Irshad.

"Kitne rupees?" asked Irshad for the price.

"Das panch rupees", replied the hawker indicating it only cost 15 rupees.

Out of the blue, Adzan was heard. It was loud and so melodious that one who really understand every word of it would cry. 
"Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar..."

The hawker stood up after bending. 

"Sorry bhaiya, let perform our solah first", he said to Irshad. And he went away without letting Irshad paying for his bananas and chikoos first. 

Irshad put back his money into his pocket hurriedly, and followed the hawker to the nearby Masjid. The sound of Adzan was still in the air. As he reached the Masjid, he had lost track of the hawker. He stood still outside the Masjid for some time, thinking that he would only enter soon after the Adzan ends. 

Soon after the Adzan ended, as Irshad was about to make a step closer to the entrance of the masjid, he felt as if he was pushed a little on his shoulder. He looked back and he could sense a nice scent of a flower that he couldn't resist. So Irshad walked away leaving the masjid behind and followed the scent of the flower.

The scent brought him to a woman wearing full black long niqab. She was walking so fast but that made Irshad more eager to follow her. The mysterious woman looked back at Irshad, her eyes were big and pretty. Irshad couldn't resist it. As if the eyes were telling him to follow her. 

The woman continue to walk across the back of the buildings. Across those isolated pavements. Still, Irshad continue to follow her. The woman soon came to another normal market selling foods and goods. The woman was out of Irshad's sight in a sudden. Irshad was sweating all over. His heartbeat was becoming stronger. He looked around, but couldn't find the woman in that black niqab.

Irshad continue to walk around the market, searching for that woman. In his mind,  there were questions asking, who is that woman. He just have to figure it out by himself. Out of nowhere, he saw that woman again. This time that woman turned to walk faster. Out pace the speed that Irshad could. He was soaked in his own sweat. He seemed not to find a stop to what he was doing.

Again that woman's pretty smoky eyes looked straight to Irshad's. He was mesmerized and spellbind. Before he realized, the woman brought him to a graveyard. The graveyard was of those of flight of stairs. He followed her steps down the stairs. The woman stopped and looked at him. This time the sight was more stronger. Irshad stopped too. The woman didn't utter a word, so did Irshad. Both of them keep walking at the same pace, where the woman was in front and Irshad was at her back. 

There was a wall and a door when they both reached the ground. The woman opened the door where inside there was no light but darkness dimmed by a couple of candles. The woman finally voiced out. 

"Come to me, Irshad" her stunning voice pierced Irshad's eardrum

Irshad came nearer. He entered the dark small room where he had no idea what it was. The woman asked him to shut the door. 

"Now lock the door, Irshad. Then, throw the keys into the well" uttered the woman again.

Irshad was totally hypnotized. He locked the door literally and threw the ONLY keys into the well. 

"Come to me closer, Irshad" 

Irshad came closer to that woman. They were just an inch away, or probably less than an inch away among each other. They stood there upfront eye to eye. Irshad's heart pounded faster this time. The mysterious woman pulled off her niqab...

"ARTRGHHGHGHHGHGHHGHG!!??" screamed Irshad as loud as he can.

The woman face was not of that of a human. It was of something that was despicable to be looked upon to. It was beyond unbearable to see with a human eyes. Irshad quickly grab the door's knob. He tried to open but he failed. He forgot that he already threw the keys away. The ONLY KEYS for him to escape.

"Oh Irshad...come to me. Why are you afraid now?" asked the woman behind her laughter.

"Whooo...who are you?" Irshad asked, with fright.

"You really want to know who am I? My name name is ....DUNYA...and you followed me till here. Why are you so frightened? You were the one who followed me and LEFT behind your SOLAH...You left your solah just because of me, because of DUNYA, aren't you....!!!??" asked the woman again.

"And you know where this is, Irshad? This is your GRAVE!!" she added. 

"What??!! Ya Allahhh!" screamed Irshad; but it was just too late. 

He was trapped and 'killed' by his likeness more towards what is there in Dunya. Along his pathway towards following what Dunya had hold for him, he left his obligation for Solah; which is the most important thing to be obliged as a Muslim. Apparently, Irshad failed in his attempt towards reaching to Sirathal Mustaqim. He has been conned by Iblis. The woman named Dunya symbolized the Iblis; whom showed how 'the fake beauty' of this world could lead to a devastating fate in the here after. 

>>p/s: Surah Al-An’am :32. “Dan tiadalah kehidupan dunia kecuali hanya permainan dan senda gurau belaka. Dan sungguh kampung akhirat itu lebih baik bagi orang-orang yang bertaqwa. Apakah kamu tidak memikirkannya” 

and another verse stated from: Surah Ali Imran ayat 14:
“Dijadikan terasa indah dalam pandangan manusia cinta terhadap apa yang diinginkan, berupa perempuan-perempuan, anak-anak, harta benda yang bertumpuk dalam bentuk emas dan perak, kuda pilihan, hewan ternak dan sawah ladang. Itulah kesenangan hidup di dunia, dan di sisi Allah-lah tempat kembali yang baik”<<




fawz@n said...

fascinating :)
mana dpt idea buat cerita ni?

fawz@n said...

fascinating :)
mana dpt idea cerita ni?