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Saturday, 16 February 2013

make friends

Hai semua. Bila anda nampak saya tulis blog selang 2 hari macam ni, bermaksud tgh stress. Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi penulisan blog ni as a way for me to reduce stress. Tak tahu la in case of you all but it works for me. But it turns stressful bila Internet buat hal. Lagi-lagi bila dah bayar mahal.

At home, in Malaysia, Internet line is sponsored by my dear papa. When the line has a problem, due to connectivity, everyone in the family will start asking Papa to correct it, to make the line better. I miss you papa. You always have been there for all of us. Especially you always there for me. This spoil brat of yours. *cry*

So, now I am in 2nd year, of my University life. I just wanna tell you kids, that how important it is to make friends while you are been accepted in university, or college. Be nice, and be good to every one. Don't make fight. Don't make others see how hatred and despicable you are. Don't boast. So many don'ts. And just be yourself. Express yourself. And be humble. Because no one like a snobbish person.

Especially when you are in an abroad university, doesn't matter it be an Asian continent, the European or the States, or Africa : just make sure you have tonnes of friends. Friends that could help you study, friends that could accompany you to shop, to the hospital, to eat and stuff you as a youngster wanna do. More important is, to find friends that could lead you to the sirathal mustaqim. To advice you, to listen to you and to make you remember of THE all  mighty Allah.

Just make sure, you have those cliques that will bring you joy so you won't feel so alone. So missed out. Don't be a loner. In what ever you do, find people to make you feel like family, but the first thing first is to always make sure you yourself is a perfect fit for them all. And when holidays strike, save money so that you can hop in to a gate away. 

It's always nice to go away from your room for a while especially for a sweet escape. Explore world. Explore more things. Enjoy life, but remember never stay astray; because it is YOLT; You Only Live Twice. Once here and once in the hereafter. 

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