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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Choked till bleed

I must say this school holiday, I mean medschool holiday, had been such an experience to me. Yesterday, after running errands here and there, I basically made a simple lunch of ikan goreng berlada and my friend made pajeri nenas. It was our usual Saturday. Chilling and relaxing, waiting to have lunch together. 

We put all the lauk pauk on the tikar, as if it were at some park, and we were about to have a picnic. The steamed rice smelled lovely and tempting, hot and juicy. It was basmathi, so yeah, it was luxury. No greens were about to be our meal, but what ever, we had been vegetarian for many days before had the chance to buy meat and fish. 

We sat down, recite the prayer, thanking Allah for the lunch. We were hungry and quickly grabbed the fish and the pineapple. Such simple dish, such delightful taste. It was okay, we were chatting and enjoying the breeze while eating, the breeze of thin wind that came from the big window I have here in the new hostel. 

Suddenly, I felt something cling on my throat. Crap, I knew it. It must be bloody mackerel's bone. I should have separate the bone, but like always, when hunger strike, nothing else is important. I ignored the throat because the pain was still mild and bearable. I continue eating and chatting, till I can no longer swallow. Dysphagia!

"Hazirah, I am choking!!!" I exclaimed
"Oh, Quick, make a bolus out of the rice and swallow it all through!" my friend commanded

Pathetically, I wasn't good at making rice ball because my lunch partner told me to use my palms. I was like what!? I never made such big bolus of rice before, what else to swallow such thing. Basically, I was stubborn.

I tried to make smaller bolus of rice. That's the only way, the easiest way if one would choked on fish bone. After several small bolus of rice, my esophagus is overloaded. Thank God, the bathroom was near, so I ran inside and puke. 

Who won't be surprised if he or she saw blood, fresh red blood came out from the mouth. Even a slight spit was full of blood. 

"Hazirah, I vomit blood!!"

My friend cum lunch partner, who was still eating, stop at an instance. She was shocked. She still ask me to swallow some more bolus of rice. I just couldn't. Too overloaded. I keep wanting to puke. She on the other hand, made her way to our neighbours, asking for help.

Farah our neighbour said, banana would help. Apparently, earlier in the morning, I already made the cekodok pisang batter with all the bananas I had. My friend went upstairs. Saw kak syira, and mentioned that I had vomit blood. 


While my friend still continue her attempt, asking here and there for banana, I was to and fro, from the bathroom and to the living room where we had our lunch. This time I made once more a bolus of rice. Swallow it, trying hard to swallow it.

I put my finger inside till it touched the throat. As if I was making my own minor surgery to pull the bone out. I remembered one episode in grey's anatomy whereby one patient swallowed a bunched of keys, and they had to use some robot device to pull the keys out. I was thinking to have the same procedure too. Too much imagination once you were panicked. But it was all vain. All I feel was an urge to puke. And yes this time a major PUKE.

Blood, fresh and red mixed together with chyme landed in the toilet bowl. Guess what??

I saw the bloody, mackerel's bone together with it. And yes, nothing was felt clinging to my throat. I am alive !!

But it was still hurt, my esophagus must have swelled somehow and inflammed. I felt hard to speak for some time. I tried to call out for Hazirah. Then I saw her coming, I told her I am okay. 

She breathed deep in relieved. I smiled. And all she could say was: "See! I told you to bolus of rice would work!"

>>p/s: Berhenti sebelum kenyang. Mana tau boleh mati sebab tercekik kan? Ajal tu tak kira tempat, tak kira masa, tak kira sebab<<


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