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Friday, 15 February 2013


hai semua, pe khabar? sihat? 

betul bila orang cakap, when we wake up early, rezeki itu lebih berkat. for the first time, since study week yang 2 minggu, my roommate and I woke early. Woke up early means we didn't return to dream land after subuh prayer. 

All these while, procrastination is all there is. Bangun lambat dengan dalih dan alasan semalam dah tidur lambat, study till 1 am (baq ang!) . Hanya Allah sahaja tahu betapa banyak dan berkatnya study sampai 1 pagi. Hmm

Anyhow, this morning, after reciting Al Kahf and Al Mathurat, I straight away prepare the ingredient for my morning breakfast. Ate 2 bananas and a cup of hot milo, as a pre breakfast meal. I was very hungry as you can see. Took my hot shower, do my Dhuha and straight away to the kitchen and chopping and cooking. 

It was just a plain fried rice but it was so nice, and now everything is finished. Sebutir beras pun takdak! Nikmat kan makan makanan yang sedikit:) My roommate promised to make nasi lemak for dinner. Can't wait! Hungry already now!

Then what else to do, then to study. Just two days left actually. I don't actually know how much did I complete revising all the 4 blocks. They were all big blocks and to be covered wholly in 2 freaking weeks, God knows how hard it is. 
Year 2 is freaking hard and so frustrating yet so interesting. The year where I learn a lot about disease but then again the previous first year's topic of physiology and embrylogy are again being touched and emphasized. My concern is with all papers now. MCQ, SEQ, OSPE etc. Seeing End block result can already make me faint. Now hoping for goodness for my selanjar 1. 

My seniors, mostly failed last year. Prof KJ was furious. I just pray that my batch won't be repeating that disaster. Amin. But the goodness is in the hands of the Al Mighty. Pray hard now. Not much time to do all the readings. May all that we learn be returned to us. For all these knowledge is Allah's belongings. No way we can know it all. 

Photos, or diaphragms of histopathology are making me insane. All I see is the same either it be laden macrophage, giant cells, langhan cells. Just need to practise more on how to become a visual learner. Even though visual learners are usually been gifted with that capability. All the best to me, to my friends here and at USMKK. 

It was alright. It is not the first OSCE I have done but it is just jammed between two other exams so it was stressful. Take deep breaths. Practice before hand. Especially verbalizing your actions. This is stuff you have done before. Just do that and you'll be okay. -Tom of the Medical State of Mind



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