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Thursday, 11 April 2013


Uneasy is almost like the feeling of difficult. Like how I tried to post a blog in my small screen xperia while on bed.

Uneasy when the body is trying so,hard to cope with Belgaum's summer. Living in the new hostel, where the surrounding is so much different than previous NRI, where there's lush of greeneries with birds chirping every morning, with shades the trees provide; just so nice to prevent us to get direct harmful UV rays; especially on SUMMER.

Uneasy when there's a person who,kept asking about my motive of life. My matlamat hidup. Because after being a khalifah and abid for almost 21 years, there's still a shimmer. Answering such difficult question with motive of life is akhirat, the life after death is cliche', but that's all I have in mind. To da'wah, subhanallah what a heavy task. I still have countless flaws that when I tried reflecting myself in front of the mirror; I see a sinner. How could I be that magnet of Islam? Attracting people who mostly are hard like metals?

But to count our flaws and say to correct them first before working to da'wah is also not right. What if I died before completing to improve myself? Then, what could I answer in my tiny grave, what have I done and contribute in the road of da'wah?

So uneasy, many sleepless nights.

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