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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Burger and Physics Lecture

Got this story from my roommate here in USA :)

Back in ASASI, there was a guy whose name started with the letter P. He looked intelligent and yeah, not just looked intelligent, he can be considered as a genius.

Most boys at asasi were excellent in Physics. And so was P. 

One day, there was Physics Lecture conducted by our famous male Physics' lecturer: none other than Prof Ahmad or people better knew him as Che Mat.

Like always the projector went crazy, thus the slides could not be projected and jeopardizing the whole mood to listen to the lecture. 

Che Mat had this good vibes with P. He asked P to go to the office and find the technician. And thus, P obeyed the old man.

On the way to the office, P who was chewing a gum needed to throw the gum away. He couldn't do so since he had no paper to wrap the chewed gum. He then, stick it to a wall nearby. However, before he reached the office, he felt guilty for doing so. He must think of something that would enable him to get at least one piece of paper to wrap the gum, and easily dumped it into the trash bin.

So, what P did was that, he asked someone else who was going to the office, to inform about the projector at the lecture hall- meanwhile he went away to the cafe and bought himself a burger. Why a burger???

P took quite a while before returning to the lecture hall. The lecture almost end, there came P with his fulled mouth. Che Mat asked him what took him so long- and saw the burger in his hands. However, the bizzarre thing was that, P didn't get scolded or at least insulted. Instead, Che Mat, saw him and smile.

After the lecture ended, P told his friends that he went to the cafe and got a burger because he needed a piece of paper to wrap his chewed gum - so that it could be 'appropriately' thrown into the trash bin. HahahhahahhXD

But P is a physics' brainiac. He got A+ in both semesters and why would he care about attending lectures. Plus, Che Mat, had once offered him a place for Physics course at UiTM if he had no other option later on in his life. And to get such offer, is not easy.


Calvin Charles said...

Wow, wonder who is that P guy. :)

sofIA said...

Salam Kak Dayana. Are u studying in usm-kle imp in India? Nk tnya, kt sana ada squash court tk?