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Monday, 27 June 2011

Two More Months

Home is always a paradise, even though it's not a mansion and surrounded by beaches or flower garden. Trying to stay put on revising is somehow hard. Many to be remembered and to understand but too many distractions, including our parents.

Exam is looming in a couple of days. Frankly speaking, preparation is at par. Not smooth and I don't really know how I am gonna perform. It's a new method of examination when it comes to OSPE. But the great thing about this is the experience and the exposure as a prospective student. 

To stay alone in my hostel at Mawar for revision while my roommates are at their respective home is not a good idea too, even though Internet access is somewhat better compared to home's. Mawar's hostel is just too dim and of poor ventilation, plus it has already been noted as Ladang Ternakan Nyamuk-Mosquitoes Breeding Farm. There had been a couple of sleepless nights and the whole room smelled funny due to minyak serai or Tiger Balm. In a nutshell, I must return home at last.

the exam schedule :S

Examination's schedule already been posted and everyone probably has been noted or informed. It's scary because on 5 weeks of intense course we studied a lot and therefore lot to be comprehended. Just wish I was KYLE XY or JESSEY XX who could just have some glances through the pages of thick books and answer everything correctly but I am not allowed to dream. Human remained human and must committed to his or her own abilities. 

Plus, after Premed ends, I have this wild idea to look for a job. Again, been rejected by mom and dad. So I would just enjoy the 2 more months break before heading for degree. I am scared and nervous, who wouldn't. And just now seeing how Shasha, a childhood friend, already on the pelamin, somehow made me wanna burst into tears. We were small girls and now look at her, perhaps by the time I am finishing this post - she's already someone's wife. A great responsibility and she's just 20. I am amazed:)

While mom and dad already planning on my 'future' wedding, I on the other hand, would just wait for the right time to come. It's hard to be 'away' from being someone's daughter to someone's wife. And what more, I still have to complete another phase of life: Degree. Then, Master, then PHD ...then .......let's see. InshaAllah.

>>>p/s: just hope tonight there's no distractions. just hope that tonight I can at least finish two chapters T.T. just hope that my future husband is the ONE I have been praying for. InshAALLAH.<<<

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