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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Towards the end

----23/6/2011 --- 
Just got back from SGS session and felt delighted. I am so in love with SGS or Small Group Session merely because I really feel like already becoming one of the real medical students. It's also a rezeki and a good luck given by Almighty Allah for me to be a part of Group 11, which comprises with a lot of intelligent and kind-hearted brainiacs whom are willing to share almost anything among each other. It's a chemistry that we are bound into, just simply amazing. Adding to the goodness, our chief who's just soooo murah hati :)

Again, time flew fast like turbulent blood flow . Tomorrow is actually the end of everything that we began with, but also just the starter or precursor for the real journey towards becoming a medical student, or must I say, to grow into versatile medical doctors? Perhaps it's still too early to say this because Pre-medicine is not a guarantee platform that would grab you back to the faculty or to the same course you have been dreaming of. InshaAllah if there's luck and again everything is depending on rezeki from Allah S.W.T.

UiTM Shah Alam or USA has a lot to offer actually. One place that I think I should go, but still haven't step into is the Sports Complex. Listened to a lot of bragging on the bright sides of that complex; on squash courts and on volleyball etc, I get a bit jealous to those people especially the female friends who could spend their afternoon there, and BERIADAH. And speaking of beriadah, it has been ages since I last make it a habit, no wonder turns into a balloon no? - But then again there's no effort to go there. Laziness is a habit which now travels happily in my blood. T.T

temporary campus - gonna switch and migrate to Sg Buloh soon, insyaALLAH

 Plus, one good thing staying at USA is the mobility access - whereby it's easier to ditch a bus compared to those moment during asasi. Sad isn't it? Nowadays, all we have to do is walk a bit to reach the bus stand, and the bus will mostly wait for us, not the opposite. The tendency to 'fly' is high - when you could just touch and go to reach the places you want to go. Staying at Mawar is convenient whereby Shah Alam Seksyen 7 is nearby - my roommates and I often walked through the back entrance- take the flyoever- and dine at nearby KFC or Pizza Hut, and random restaurants in the circle. The only thing that would put me in a great concern is the financial status. Almaklumlah, kena ada duit lebih kalau nak makan sedap3 ni.

Pizza Hut Seksyen 7 is easily accessible

24//6/2011- And just now the lecture on reappraisal of scenario 4 with Dr Harbinder Jeet Singh ended, marked the end of week 4 and marked almost the end of everything. It's a sad thing and a good thing though. Reappraisal is a session whereby the cases/scenarios given of any particular problems regarding one patient, is being summarized - for what are the approximate sickness that patient might be suffering from including the causes and mechanisms that caused that particular disease. Reappraisal is surely fun - but in Premedicine it's mostly just an exposure so that one would not be surprised once he or she gets into medical school.

during last lecture of Premedicine

Dr Harbindar and us discussing the scenario on liver dysfunction. One word: FUN!

Next week, on Wednesday, we are gonna sit for our OSPE- stations of questions needed to be answered in 4 minutes each, and on Thursday is the day for the scary SAQ and MCQ- with negative marking method. All these gives me 'tremors' in the brain. And what not, Dr Raudzah proposed that we must make sure we can get full marks during OSPE. OMG....

Things to be settled here already done- getting my transcripts and already posted some of my friends' just that a bit frustrated by how my 'kindness' sometimes got misused or mistreat by some people. Sometimes, it's better to not hope for things that high, or else get disappointed. trying to be calm as possible...

>>>p/s: Feeling sad because a friend is leaving- going for better and brighter offer. Or maybe feeling a bit sad, because of losing someone whom I thought could be best friend. Seriously, gonna miss this experience with the brainiacs, with the super-annoying hostels, with the inspiring doctors and specialists and those inspiring and impressive Early Clinical Exposures together with the fun Clinical Skills Lab<<<

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