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Friday, 5 August 2011

Havoc and Mercy

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

How are our fasting progressing? Any better? AlhamduLILLAH for the chances to feel Ramadan till this very day. 
Well, my preparation to leave to India, is by far approaching 90%. Ceh. Hahaha. But still clothes are unpack, foods to be brought along haven't been bought and yes, I am telling you I am 90% ready? Yeah right.

So, this recent Monday, Encik Redza from MARA contacted me, informing me to take my MARA's agreement letter which almost look like a pillow in an envelope. Luckily, mom and dad were so kind enough to drive all the way to Jln Raja Laut, KL for it. I guess they really really care for me. AlhamduLILLAH.

The office was crowded with both youths and the 'mid' elderly. The woman at the receptionist wasn't rude nor polite. She asked my name thrice and I was like a log waiting for the officer to find my agreement and offer letter. Signed the log book and rushed off to SOGO for shopping. Thankfully, I wasn't in the mood to shop, even though got one blouse...cittt off story.

Anyhow, before I rushed home from MARA's building, I did asked the man who handed me my parcel of documents, when should I send the agreement back. He harshly tell me to send it by THIS UPCOMING MONDAY THE 8TH AUGUST. I was like Ya Allah....with tonnes of them need signatures, some need guarantors and lotsa complicated things to be done, they want it by MONDAY? How great. 

But, the time limit that I was given had somehow put me in this amazing velocity to work hard to get what I want. Of course, it is the 2nd most important agreement I ever had in my life after my agreement to be Allah's slave for the last 19 years, and this one valued so much to me. I am now going to pursue medicine with funds from the People. People's fund. No way I am gonna burn it all to ashes. Half a million ringgit is the worth. InsyaAllah, I will do my very best, to make it all happen.

Just today, I almost finished up 50% of the agreements. All the forms that needed important verification have been  completed. My cousin is kind enough to be one of the guarantor, the first is my mother. Then, I am also done with medical-checkups, took the HEP B AND C shots as well as HIV-did the X-Ray again -.-' and did the urine test. It was shocking however, to notice how high my diastolic pressure is (124/90) and to note that I got blood in my urine, which then gives me this scary feeling that maybe I have kidney problem T.T. All in all, I still feel I am a bit of shaky to note as a healthy woman. This is the repercussion for leading a sedentary lifestyle for almost a year. Blaming myself is what I can at least do though. I am just too lazy to work out. T.T

Anyhow, back at home after that, I told the rest of my future coursemates, that the agreements need to be handing it back by this upcoming Monday. Then the HAVOC begins. I sort of starting it though. Some of my future coursemates, haven't received theirs yet and they started shaking in fear. But then, when a girl call the MARA's officer, they gave another due date which is the 10th August. AND I really feel bad, it feels like I am putting them into this almost wrecking ship already. My friend, Darina, already burst into tears knowing she got 2 days to complete everything up. I am so guilty. But, I really did heard the officer said 8TH AUGUST. Dang. 

Whatever it is, I am glad that they put a new date for it. At least, things will be completed in a manner of neat and proper. I bet my friend Darina can wipe all her tears of worry now. Hahaha. I am so afraid she would change her mind, and go to UniMAS instead of India. Just pray she won't though..

GAHHHH penat....anyhow, thankfully Allah gives mercy to complete all these. If not, it would be war. HAHAHA. And I hope I won't have to redo my medical check-up though....since I did it at AZ ZAHRA, Bangi. Emmm...till then. I will nag again don't worry. ;p

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