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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Book for the Souls.

Assalamualaikum dear readers :)

Ramadhan 2011 is going to approach it's second week already. What do we feel about this? Sad because it is going to end in another couple of weeks or we feel excited because Raya is looming? Tepuk dada tanya iman. AHAHA.

Ramadhan gives us more time to ponder on life and to start working out for things we usually missed out due to our meal time. Each meal takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes to end, thus, do the math and calculate how much spare time we obtain without the need to attend hunger?

My first Ramadhan's activity would be finishing some books in the collection. Lately, I have been in love with books for the souls, buku kerohanian rather than books for fun. And I am more into Bahasa Melayu's books. HEHEHE.

Isabella is the first book I would like to brag about. Bought it 2 months ago, in the intention to bring it along to UiTM Shah Alam during Pre Med, but it was kept dusty inside the drawer since it was so busy during that time. Ceh...

One word for Isabella would be mesmerizing. Isabella isn't a novel about the usual love story we found in typical books and it is not just about a woman named Isabella. More that, ISABELLA revolves around an Islamic Heroine. Srikandi Islam that we perhaps never heard before in our lives. 

Who is Isabella? Well, to know who she is, first we need to read the book. Basically, the book in my hand right now, is the new edition and it has been published over 20 years ago in Malaysia for the first time.

Back is Spain centuries ago, where Islam was about to spread all over Spain, lives Isabella, the daughter of the head of all priests. She is an intelligent, beautiful young woman, who many respects. Her father intended to bring her up just like Mary or Maryam, Mother of Isa A.S. He wanted Isabella's life fully dedicated to Christianity. Thus, Isabella had grown up to be one Christianity intellectual. 

Because of curiosity to find the truth, however, Isabella was attracted to the fact on Jesus Christ and the reason why 'Their Lord' was put to christ. Christians believed for ages that God sent down his 'prince/son' to Earth, to be Christ, to vanish or to wash away all sins there were on Earth. 

With intense debate among some Muslims' scholars, with the priests at one big church in Cordova, Isabella started to feel something wrong with the religion she have faith in. She even started to melt after listening to one surah recited by Umar Lahmi. By the way, it was Umar Lahmi who brought up the issue on Jesus being christ.

After some time, Isabella noticed how the priests and even her own father as the head, could not answer the all the questions asked by the muslims' scholars. Her faith became more shaky. She was so mad when her father didn't answer one question by Umar Lahmi instead he walked away because he was puzzled and he was blanked.

Because of that, Isabella was totally hundred per cent sure that ISLAM is the righteous religion and Allah S.W.T as the only God in the Universe. The book tells perfectly every detail on how Isabella was put into inquisitorial and was badly tortured in the dungent of the church as to bring her back to Christianity. However, she was strong till the end. No matter how harsh she was punch and kicked and slapped and hurt, she was still able to say and to confess that Allah is the only GOD, and Prophet Muhammad  S.A.W is HIS messenger. 

Isabella also revealed to Umar Lahmi and other Muslims about the dark and hidden sides of christianity. How nuns were treat as sex slaves to the priests and many other activities which sounded 'syirik' and khurafat. In the end, towards the end, Isabella was successfully released from torture and brought back to Islam and officially reverted to Islam. She then started learning hadith and the Quran, soon becoming a respected and prominent reference for Hadith. She was unbeatable in debates regarding Christianity and Islam. She even succeed to revert one famous Christian believer to Islam. 

This great woman died at the age of 80 and along her life, she had dedicated her energy and her wisdom to the spread of Islam all over Spain. Her demise was mourned and even some Muslims across the globe pray for her. Al FATIHAH to Isabella. A Muslim Heroine who definitely should we put as an example:)

SubhanALLAH. Grateful to be destined with this incredible novel. A must read for sure.

To those out there, please buy yourself and get this wonderful Novel right away.RM16 for an amazing and inspirational novel is nothing compared to its priceless story and knowledge. Indulge yourself and seek for the truth now. And thanks to Dato Abdullah Hussain for translating this wonderful story for us to learn and inspire. 

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Asfarina =) said...

salam. dayana, best ye? sounds inspiring :) thanks fr sharing!

btw, anak sheikh muszafar nama isabella juga.