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Monday, 8 August 2011

In Between Ramadan

Jaundice. Due to liver illness. Miss discussing on liver disease with SGS Group 11 during Pre Medicine at USA. Memory remains. This is one nice interactive knowledgeable game one can find online. Could be boring towards the end and confusing due to lots of medical terms and diseases plus symptoms which can be quite similar from one to another. HAHAHA. But I found myself a bit obsessed. Hope this obsessive last till the day I die. InsyaAllah. 

No need to register, no need to pay. Play it all free at Or just google Medical School Game and voi'la happy learning !! Takyah nak jadi doctor pun boleh...:)


fawz@n said...

lemme guess...
Gilbert's disease?

dayanaazhar:) said...

fawzann kan sentiasa heybatt..hahah betul laa tu...

fawz@n said...

just a guess maa...lagipun that game is simple kan :p