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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Dugaan Bulan Ramadhan

Minggu yang serabut. Minda serabut, pertuturan serabut. Semua serabut. Cuma masa tarawih sahaja ketenangan menerpa.

8 August 2011

Actually today I need to send back my Mara's agreement forms and whatnot. One word dealing with all these forms would be : tiresome. No wonder many friends before this, asked me to decide properly either I want to accept this offer of vice versa. And now I know how tedious all of these are. Part of growing up dear self. Live with it.

The fact that some of future coursemates and I have to send all these by 8th August is because we took the agreement by hand, whilst some others got theirs through post laju which is not as laju as it seems. Anyhow, so yeah, I really was positive that I can settle everything about Mara's agreement by today. My mom skipped from her office to follow me to the Oath Commissioner to get her/his signature for the guarantors' agreements. She was a nice lady, which brighten up my day quite a bit.

Spent bloody RM50 note on Stamps for the 5 copies of agreement booklets was something I have to bear. Went to the LHDN, to matikan the stamps ahhaha and luckily it was quite near and didn't cost me a cent. And every thing seems to be almost complete till I arrived at the MARA's headquarters down the Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur. Took the bloody commuter to reach Bank Negara, along the way standing upright holding to an aluminium rod because the coach was as always full of bloody people. Walked a few stones of steps to voila reach the MARA's building at almost 1 pm.

Greatly about my arrival was that, it was actually lunch time, Even though most of MARA's staff are Muslim Malays, and they are all fasting, they still need lunch time. I went to the third floor dear readers, where I should hand in the documents. I sat down at one couch and start rearranging all the forms in order. And it was nearly two seconds before 1 pm, that I walked to the receptionist. Greet one woman with salam, but sadly I was badly treated.

It was my bad frankly to say that I came at inappropriate time. She asked me what agreement was that, and I told her that I was one of the USM-KLE'S students. And she went looking puzzle for a sudden as if she doesn't know what is it. I was a bit pissed actually when they told me that they were tired, and asked me to come later. Haissh

And in the end, the agreements need to be corrected. I need to see my cousin again as he is the guarantor, to get his initials for every mistakes in that bloody booklets. HAHAHA. So, I left MARA's building with this frown face. Dad and I walked all the way to Masjid Jamek, crossing the forever crowded Jalan TAR and the hotness of Ramadhan to go to Indian Visa Centre somewhere near the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad (Jalan Lebuh Pasar Besar). Saw some tourists drinking coke like heaven brought up the tenses I tell ya! Takpee dugaan.

One thing I hate about KL is the those uniformed DBKL people who should function as our travel guide in KL. How pathetic that they don't even know where Lebuh Pasar Besar is. And what more the Visa Centre. Pity laa Malaysian. And after lotsa walking, guess who helped Dad and I to the Visa Centre? A kind hearted Arabic Man, who is a foreigner for GOD SAKE!!

I was relief when we actually got ourselves to the Visa Centre. Then, came another bad news. The Visa application time is already of at 2 pm. We reached there at 2.30 pm. And of course I was bloody disappointed. After all the walking, after all the sore throat and thirst. But Dad said, in KL weak people die early. You need to be strong to be in KL especially during Ramadhan. Dad was so strong. So rigid and so positive. He is a total opposite from me. I adore him a lot for that. He is willing to sacrifice his time to bear all these with me, syukur AlhamduLILLAH.

Back at home, mom was there. She is kinda mad at me for being so careless filling up these forms. I like always like to blame on things when I am in a bad mood, so all those blaming, made me tired and wearing out. HAHAHA. I slept after reaching home till Iftar. Didn't help mom sorting out the preparation for it though, what a daughter am I huh?

All these I should consider as dugaan. Allah Taala loves me dearly, so HE gives me all these obstacles again and again. I am blessed with a dad who forever is willing to accompany me and attending my amends. I am blessed to have a cousin who is willing to be my guarantor and going to and fro to attend my documents. T.T Syukur ya RABB for all these lovely people. Lovely life and lovely dugaan.

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