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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Goa | A short break

Assalamualaikum. {BEWARE: Don't read if you're lazy}

Good that I am able to post something again. Alhamdulillah, that I woke up and finally blessed with a week off from hectic life.

Last Saturday, 9 girls including me went for an embarking journey to the place called Goa. Thankfully, Goa is not that far from Belgaum. It only took us 7 hours straight. Very near if compared going to Mumbai or Bangalore or Cashmere. Hahaha. 

The tour leader was my dear friend cum secretary named Adibah, our co-driver was dear beautiful Yanti. Basically, going to Goa was not a proper plan. The KMB girls made the plan, and my roommate and I said yes at the last minute. We didn't regret at all going with these amazing friends:)

To start up with, we rented a van that can accommodate 12 persons, but in the end 3 of them cancelled and left just the 9 of us. We can say the van is just-enough comfortable through out the journey. The small size girls can easily sleep like a boss in the van. Pity Yanti though who had to sit at the front almost every journey just to ease us with the driver who cannot speak English at all. He only knows Hindi. In the end, the driver named Mahdi (A hindu !) just wanted to sit besides Yanti and no one else. Dasar miang kan??

The journey TO Goa was not breath taking. It was hot all day long. I was wrong to wear black, as black absorbed heat so I was living in an oven. Plus, sitting at a position where the sun shone brightly directly to me, made me tanned without having to go to the beach. The best thing when we went somewhere with a group of girls who are older was that, they would think like how moms would think. Packed the journey with a big tupperware of Nasi Goreng was lovely. My roommate and I made karipap. We called it Karipap Tak Mandi, since we didn't get the chance to bath the whole night making the dough and cooking the stuffed to fill the karipap in. But we made it! Our karipap is the best karipap ever!!! for first timer of course :)

Sleep and sleep, the woke up and eat. The driver tuned on the Hindi song of the zaman batu ages, but we forced him to turn it off since some of us could not stand, and would puke during the journey. The road was wavy, was harsh, was rocky and was blazing hot! We crossed by some amazing sceneries as well as some deserted ones. We even passed by this plantation which looked like sawah padi, and the people only sleep in tents!!!! Pity them with all the dusty surroundings and the bad looking rugged clothes. Something to be learned from what we witnessed.

Reaching Goa, what we mostly saw, were the restaurants which merely all have bars in it. Dozens of westerners or must I say tonnes of westerners were there, happily relaxing at the restaurants, sipping bottles and bottles of wine and beer. We wonder what we can eat there. We finally found our place to stay. Luckily, Adibah had booked three rooms at Fatima Guest House. Of course, we can never trust India when it comes to a name that is familiar with Islam. Fatima Guest House is not owned by a muslim. Instead, its owner is a Christian. A dentist if I am not mistaken. My roommate and another girl named Anis Wahab chose the 2nd floor room and we got jealous by the other girls. Why??? Because our room has this TV with satellite channels and of course a lot spacious compared to theirs. What could I say? It's our luck! :D

In front of the stay, there's a Muslim Restaurant, called Aslam. But we also witnessed the signboards of the shops were mostly written in Ruskee. Russian alphabets. I knew the alphabets really well since I did learnt them for a month during 2010. However, I can't even read some of them as I cannot recall the alphabets . I became puzzled as Goa is a place almost like Mexico but then every signboards tell you something in Russian. Am I in an asian-russian? Perhaps yes!?

Then dear Anis Wahab told me that because Russians like visiting Goa so much, despite their bad proficiency in English, the Goans decided to named everything and make all the billboards in English as well as in Russian. That's why I see tonnes of blondies (most of them are middle ages and golden ages) at the restaurants sipping their favorite Henneken. Jahiliyah is what I can say.

So, too bad the Muslim Restaurant we went, was as slow as a snail. Or even slower than that. The price was costly too. Surely not a place where I would suggest you all to go! But if Goa, I still think it's a place for muslims to consider. The only Muslim restaurant that is purely Muslims I tell ya! The owner of that place suggested Shashilk Restaurant for dinner. It an Islamic restaurant he told us. 

After some nice lemon tea, my friends and I strolled along the shops to have some eye candy moment. Women and shopping are like wave and tide. Ahahaha! The shops were abundant. We were spellbinded, but beware! Do bargaining till half the price is yours truly! Don't get cheated by this sly Goans!!

Things I would suggest people to buy would be 

1. Goa T shirts (range from INR 100-250)
2. Beach Pants (range INR 100-150 each)
3. Beach Hats (range from INR 100-300)---> I got one for INR 100 ONLYY!!! (RM 7 that is)
4. Keychains (range from INR 20-60)
5. Fridge Magnets (range from INR 100-350)---> Bargain till half yo!!
6. Nice cloth bags (range INR 300-INR 600)
7.Star shaped lanterns making anyone ??

That's all I think. They are also many Kashmirian's leather shops where you can purchase some leather goods: bags/coats/belts/wallets cheaper than Mumbai. You can also shop for some pendants or jewelleries if that what you ought for! These shops are mostly owned by Muslims.

After tired of strolling and bought what we needed, we went to the beach. They are a lot of bars there, and the moment when we arrived, lotsa tourists were sunbathing. Our aim was to see the sunset and recite the Al Mathurat. Looked like we went there at the wrong time!! Plus it was blazing hot. Thus, we continue on strolling down the aisle of shops. And more money was spent: D

At 6 pm, we walked to the beach back. Sunbathing session ended. So we sat down at the clean sand, and start reciting the Al Mathurat while enjoying the wind as well as the Sunset. People was staring at us bizarrely but we continue on reciting till the sun set fully. It was nice....subhanallah:)

That night went to a restaurant called Souza De Lobo. It was at the beach too! Apparently, walking to the restaurant was frightening. Lots of this annoying men and drunken humans. The restaurant is attached with bar. I went inside, and I was shocked by how crowded it was with drunken humans. Some of them are quieing for more beers and wines! It is certainly not a place for dinner. 

The restaurant was actually been recommended by our seniors. Looking at it, I was perplexed how did they eat there. Certainly, they served ham and they must cook using wine there. Sometimes, eating is also an issue that we must be properly taken care off. Another friend named Adeebah told us, Allah has put such a strict rule upon eating not because He wants to put harsh onto us, instead He wants to test our Imaan. He wants to see how do we take care of ourselves while away from getting Halal food, He wants to see which of His servants are the loyal ones. But sometimes, we take it from granted, we took Allah's command for granted. Even if I do eat seafood at that restaurant, that served ham and wine and beer, can I say confidently that my food is halal? How about the way they prepare the food? Of course, I could ask the waiter to tell the chef or the cook to avoid using wine while cooking the food, but how about the utensils used? Aren't they polluted already? There are many thoughts that we must think deeply thorough. Haram food must be avoided even how hard it may be!

At last, we went to Shashilk restaurant, ate western instead of dreaming for lobster. It was so costly for lobster :(( Too bad, the service was off under rated one, very slow and the grilled food turned burnt!. Overall for 9 girls, the price went up to INR 1350 around hundred ringgit plus plus:) Okay for me, but some of them eat this Fish Steak that cost around 20 ringgit and not even worth it! While we were on the way back, they screamed how regret they were for eating eat ! HAHA. (I was in the air as I got my fresh pineapple juice!!)

The next day, I thought of playing the paragliding, but I had no guts!! Water is always scary what not it's Goa not Malaysia. I went to the beach and quickly got myself wet. Love the waves so much! Feel like having them again now! We recited the Almathurat once more, then came some locals who offered us water games like bumper riding, banana boat and stuff. Many came, but at last we got INR 130 per person for banana boat. Sadly, it is not worth it at all! It was a short ride, not as fun as when I was in Sabah last year. Gosh! I miss Sabah and the troops at asasi:( I didn't get my paragliding ride thanks to my under-confidence. Waaa:( But I promised myself to come again and get the ride done before returning to Malaysia for good!!

Anis Sakinah, another Anis, who is popular with her cuteness, acting childishly at 21 years old, want to play the banana boat like crazy. We were on a small fight trying to get the cheapest rate. And INR 130 per person was the cheapest we could ever obtained. Sadly, I did something to my roommate back then, so she went back to the guest house alone without having the ride. Sorry though.

Playing with the beach was superb! Goa is such a heaven of big waves. The water is just nice, not cold just warm and the wave was amazing. Having fun like a blast! Too bad for some of the girls who didn't join though. They are just too old to play, said Anis Sakinah.

Get back to the guest house, rinse our selves, bathed then packing to go back to Belgaum. Searched for another restaurant that we can have our lunch. The place called Infrataria something. Sadly, it too served ham and wine and beer. We ended up buying lots of processed drinks and some crisps to eat during the long journey. Then, Yanti found this vendor. He was selling briyani. Yanti at first didn't see that it was written the briyani was halal, but then she found it when the vendor told her he's a muslim. We were gifted at that moment. Allah has certainly the best plan for us. He knew we were hungry and tried hard to find halal food, so there it was, the briyani vendor. 

Lucky us the briyani was superb. Not very oily, and bulky just nice for RM7. The best thing it is halal. Next we moved our journey to the legendary Fort Aquada. Nice place to see the Arabian see from on top of a hill. This was where I got a Goa T shirt and my straw hat at INR 100 each. YAHOO! Also, I get to drink at last the coconut juice yahoo!!!

Chapel St Chaterine was next.  A nice chapel built by the famous history text book person called Alfonso De Albuequeque. The interior was very nice to see, the carvings and all, sadly no photos are allowed T.T No!! The archeology museum was okay over all even though I was having a bore seeing the potraits and all. My eyes certainly not created for arts eh? But now I know how Vasco Da Gama looks like.

After the hot day, everyone was starting to have head ache, so we decided to let Goa go. We left Goa and headed to Jawarhalal Nehru University. Again, the journey was fun. It was long and more breathtaking. It was funny too sometimes. We even did our prayers together in the van, and it certainly tighten the bond between us.

Overall, the short break was splendid. The KMB-ians sisters are so sporting and very nice indeed. Our holiday didn't turn into just a mere holiday but filled with joy and food for the souls. Certainly, looking forward for another holiday like this one, insyaAllah:)

fact: Goa has the most abundant dental clinics in India. waaaa. 

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