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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dr Raichur

Assalamualaikum readers:)

{I am actually in the mode where it's hard to concentrate to type peacefully because my feet is itching because they got bitten by some annoying ants that always invade my territory-the desk}

Anyhow, like I promise, I would write about the person named - Dr Raichur, so I am here.

Dr Raichur is a physiologist, an Indian of course, our physiology lecturer cum the director for the Phase 1 of USMKLE. 

For the passed three blocks that came up for Selanjar 2, he dealt with our lessons on physiology almost every day. And every day, we would crossed by his long 100++ slides of powerpoints per topic. It must be crazy for someone to prepare almost 100++ powerpoint slides for us, but that's what he as a lecturer wanna do to make sure we understand his topic to the max.

Unfortunately for him to have some students like me, whom looked quite attentive in class but the truth is the opposite. {I just wish I could change to the better, though}. So, in class I would say his lectures were amazing. He did his best to make us get thorough the important topics but em maybe it is my fault that when I tried to revise the lecture, everything seems so complicated.

Of course, to read books during study week is a moron-thing to do now. You cannot actually go back and refer to the text books at peak periods when it is just another 3 days before an examination. Books will let you sway and stray. It is better to read or refer to books one night before the lecture starts. And I will start that InsyaAllah, after many studying strategies failed.

Back to the topic, Dr Raichur has always advised us tor read before the lectures, but it's so hard for me. I don't even know what's happening at night. I maybe have zero stamina to stay focus. I hate to complaint on things like the curfew which is 9 pm for girls that deters us from attending the library for some peace. I don't wanna complaint my enthuasiasm for the Internet, but I lack the power already. At one spot, you will feel bored. Maybe because of homesickness? Yes perhaps.

One fine night, a friend told me that the next day's Small Group Discussion will be with Dr Raichur. My group was so terrified. We had like 29 questions to do in one and a half day. Heck not we can finish them all!. So a friend named Afiq quickly called me for the first time, asking me to divide the questions and asked me to be the leader. To be a leader is always a no prob for me, but to divide the questions when tomorrow is already the day for SGD, that's crazy.

I told Afiq that Dr Raichur was in charged the next day. He didn't wanna come at first but I insisted that he comes. (He is one of the hardworking boys in my group thats why). So yeah he did. We were all frightened like heck since Dr Raichur is very strict, very bold and very perfectionist.

One day, in his lecture, it was almost 6 pm, and my friend looked at her watch. My friend was scared that the lecture might end late since she had not perform her Asar prayers. When Dr Raichur saw this, he quickly sounded my dear friend, and asked why she looked at her watch in a stern voice. He told us that he doesn't like when students see the watch or the clock, as it disturbs him by telling we are in rush for something other than his lecture. Gulp.

I once did laughed in front of his lecture because of my friend's joke. He saw me, and asked me what's so funny. I said nothing about three times, and almost quarrell with him over that small matter. Even joking and laughing a little is a mistake in his class. T.T

Back to SGD, many of the group members didnt show up. I wonder why eh? And the questions that I already divided among my friends were taken for granted. He will be the one who will decide who gonna answer the question, meanwhile everybody was so scared since we didn't prepared for ALL the questions. :O

When it came to me explaining the AP graph of cardiac muscle, he always looked in doubt. He mentioned how bad my graph was, and it wasn't systematic. He would give a zero mark for it if I were to sketch that in my exam. He is very perfectionist and very detailed person. last Afiq was the one who helped me with it. 

Everything was in a strict manner that day. A very stern SGD for sure. But I do have some proposal I wanna make for USM's way of having these SGD and all. I would post them later. 

Doctors must be perfectionist in his work. Work to the detail parts of everything. Only then, you can be a versatile doctor.

Looks like no more slumberland for me.....

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Ayuni said...

wow, a very long story...anyway, it seems like your life is interesting....