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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Too childish

Please be considerate. I have been telling this to the colleague I have here like thousand times. But, I guess, they are just too stuck-up to notice how they have been selfish and never want to reflect what littlest thing they did cause trouble to the others.

Being a high committee members for the 83 students seem to be an easy job. It must be easier than what a friend of mine would have to deal with at USM Kubang Kerian; with more than 100++ students to manage. However, it is just harder than I thought it would be.

Maybe it's my fault that I didn't communicate well that the others won't listen. But sometimes, I am tired to improve. Improve in order to become the leader they really want to have. Other bureau members are having similar problems too. We have mess bureaus members. They are in charged in ensuring the food we have daily is at par to what we have paid and at par to what we want to eat.

It costs us RS5000 a month; almost equivalent to RM300 for mess. The two members are responsible to collect the mess fees every month; as to hand it over to the mess contractor. Sadly, many of the colleague here are just too stubborn to go to the nearest ATM and withdraw that bloody RM300 for what they eat daily. In the end, it caused the two bureau members for the mess, to use up their own money in order to pay for the mess.

Sometimes, we tell these kids every single day to pay, but some part in their brain are just loosen up I think. They can't even interpret the easiest message conveyed to them. Then, they would blame that they haven't been online so they didn't know the message that was posted in our FB group. That's a total lie!

In class on the other hand, we would get these feedback forms for every block we are going to learn. By the end of each week we have to pass in the papers to the staff available. Today, many of them still haven't give the feedback forms even though they were told before to bring the papers. Why can't they just keep that bloody papers in their bag? Fill it quickly, and just hand it over when it is necessary? Why is it that hard? Sometimes I doubt that I am living with so-called-International-diploma graduates. Like seriously! (not everyone that is)

For bus for instance. One fine day, I almost made myself turning into evil by making a pity bus driver for almost losing his job. The bus driver was frequently coming late to serve as our driver and caused us to have attended the class very late. I went to the director and talked to him straight to the face and complaint regarding this matter. The issue is now solver, the bus driver repents and now the problem is inside the students themselves.

I am getting tired of hurrying around people, shouting could you please hurry!! like a mad person. Every single day, each and everyone of them, is going to be inform if the class starts early so they have to get into the bus at the exact time as planned. Now that the bus driver is punctual, the students act like a stupid VVIP. I am furious to know those living at 2nd or 3rd floor who came down so late and running to get into the bus as well. When the bus stops at the place, where the male students wait, the other male students would seem like having a breezy walk, not even bother to run to catch the bus and realized that they are making every one late!

For some reason, if this act of selfishness still outgrowing, how can they think they are eligible to become good doctors? I doubt and doubt. 

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