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Friday, 13 April 2012

A lesson-on Life Saving

First Aid block is gonna emerge next week. A block which I am eagerly want to learn since it's a basic knowledge that all future-wannabe doctors should know and then apply upon stepping into the clinical field.

Our deputy dean, Prof KJ, who is a super-doctor to me, has this abundant of experience and knowledge that he would like to share with us. So yesterday, he was kind enough to give a lecture on the Do's and Don'ts in Disaster. 

The class started as early as 8 am. But, at JNMC the class is earlier, so we shouldn't complain. And yesterday, I woke up early alhamdulillah. A great thanks to mama usrah who kindly came to my room and woke me up. I was ready to go at around 7.30 am. I went to the canteen and I was so delighted with the Puri breakfast; which is my most favorite Indian breakfast of all time.

Bus wasn't there on the foyer to send us to the campus. I didn't pay much attention for the absence of bus since I usually walked to class. To make things complicated, the shortcut which we used often that is walking down the JNMC aisle cannot be used since a big hole is being dig. Thus, all of us need to use the long way, which is literally far. 

Walking like a thunder rather than running as baju kurung inhibits us from doing so, we managed to arrive at 8.12 am. I saw many other collegemates outside the classroom and I was happy that I thought the class haven't started yet. To my surprise, it was a surprise that Prof KJ let Ryan to lock the door and not permitting us to enter. 

Everyone looked so down. Some of them was fasting, and they came running. Some of them mistakenly took the shortcut, but needed to climb the gate to cross over as they wanna go to Prof KJ's lecture. What an agony when 2 minutes late was consider as our fault. 

But to reflect, yes it was our fault. Now that I know the bus driver wasn't the one to be blamed as he wasn't being informed about the 8 am class. Other friends managed to arrived early because they were more cautious, and so they left the hostel earlier. Merely, those who were 2 minutes late, were just being careless and thought that the kind fatherly Prof KJ would be as fatherly when it comes to attending his lecture.

And so yeah, the other 40++ students weren't able to get into the class, and so they sat outside, on the corridor. Some of us were very sad and disappointed. He showed to the rest of 20 students in the class about his experience in Afghanistan and such. It was tearful that we couldn't join.

As the class ended, he exited the lecture hall and wanted us to write a letter why were we late. It was like an avalanche falling to our head. Of course pin pointing on blaming others is certainly something a wannabe doctor should not do. 

Prof KJ merely did that as to teach us a lesson on punctuality. As in emergency, a doctor couldn't blame time that runs too fast that he might kill a patient. He should rather blame himself of not being punctual. A patient could die any minute if a treatment could not be done because a doctor was actually late. This gives a lot of self-threaten moment in myself. 

I usually early to attend lectures. Allah has definitely want me to be more responsible and be punctual everyday. I guess everyone feels the same too...

And here one quote:

>>p/s: sorry to the person who I made him lost his job today. Truth does hurts.<<

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