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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Racun is poison, and of course do I need to be more specific? Also, to deal with life, we have to deal with so many poisons. We have to be wise not to gulp or be addicted towards any of the 'poisons' in life. So what are they?

I am not merely talking on poisons that contain chemicals. Rather I am talking about poisons that can put adverse effect on your life in a long run.

#1 Laziness
Yes people! Who doesn't  happened to have drinking this poison. The ultimate hazardous situation is when you know and fully aware you have this upcoming examination to sit for, yet laziness restrict you from doing the exact things you should have been doing. Most of my colleagues are now putting their free time doing past years questions and some of them, attending study groups. I on the other hand, still the slow poke on this slow pace. How am I going to alleviate this mess by becoming lazy? So people, if you are lazy, think of your future. I always dream to be the next Dr Halina (Dr SMS's wife) who is so charismatic and so diligent. I also wanna have a family like her. So, will I achieve that passion if I continue being lazy? The answer is always a NO. Now, better start moving and start doing something.

#2 Sleepiness
Sleepiness might be due to certain sleep disorders. Perhaps, one of it is hypersomnia. While many friends of mine succumb to insomnia, I have hypersomnia instead. Feel very dizzy and sleepy during 8.00 to 10.00 am. Then, I have to run for a cup of hot coffee in the canteen. For Rs 15 a cup might sounded cheap. But if I continue this routine, I'll end up broke and have to forget everything on the plan for Italy. You know when you are now in a danger zone of your first year MD, where you know, being alert in class is a must since anything could be asked in your exam; thus you shouldn't be sleepy, so you know what I mean? You can't just be sleepy. But sleepiness is involuntary. You can't change unless you have something to boost the decrements of melatonin.

#3 Uneasy feelings
Uneasy feelings are the feelings of death. Feels like everything is not right and going to be wrong. Nonsense it might seem, but these are poisons which at 20, I still have trouble to deal with. Not to mention, some personal problem I am dwelling with. With unanswered situation with some person I want answers from. Do you know, if you sincerely like someone, and then confess, then do not get the answer, you will be questioning all the way: at any time. Till one fine day, I answered it myself: fine lets do serious stuff with the studies first. We think about feelings later.

#4 Sarees
I like many other here do not want our money-income or allowance to be just that of what MARA is currently giving. Instead, we want to invest it to things we thought could bring us some profit. That's why, we then become engulf with sarees. We actually knew this one merchant who sell sarees at good prices and good qualities. Also, Malaysian people love sarees, but after rumors that most of the girls who sent their sarees for business via shipping: and got stuck within India itself, plus: with India high tax when it comes to shipping things abroad: almost make the idea come to a halt. Sad! The worst part is that, I already promise one aunt back home to post these sarees. Hermm

#5 Grey's Anatomy
The reason for me to watch it beginning with it's old lame first season is due to the fact that I was underaged when I wanna watch it at 12 with my dad. Kesian kan? You know Grey's Anatomy was all about fake doctors with their complicated life; contain scenes that you should not watch. But as for me, now that I waited 8 years to watch it with a legal feeling; it is still fun I tell ya. Of course, there's no Mc Dreamy in real life. And there is no doctor especially intern like Meredith Grey who seems to be very calm in what she's doing. Ok, that's not the only reason why I watch it. Second is, because I want to get re-motivated. Sadly, I ended up, being too dreamy.

#6 Plume for Android
Gahh...this is now number 1 addiction. What is it? It's an app for twitter for android users. I must check to see the twitter almost every 10 minutes of my daily life. So, this is bad, because I am not even an important figure who should tweet so many times a day, and now my tweets reaching almost 12000. Hahaha. This is so funny yet humiliating to myself. Plume for android, let me know daily news about the world, but this is again an addiction I have to stop, since I must focus on studies.

#7 Sidred
Sidred stands for Sidang Redaksi, by the way. Becoming a member in the editorial board is like a dream come true. I actually dream of becoming the designing team. Without any talent to design, so I move on towards becoming the sponsor team. While most of the friends, are busy preparing for their pro exam, my friends and I who were in the team, now run here and there around Belgaum, searching for sponsors for our magazine. It is a fun job whereby it teaches you on how to communicate and sweet talk better. Hahaha. But also a bit of wasting time and energy.

These 7 things are my main poisons. I have to learn and find more effective methods to let myself away from these things for a moment, just for this bloody one month and a half. Because pro exam is the most important thing I have to deal with. The end...

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