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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Love At First Sight

'Engine starto' and I don't know why in Japanese language, alike Kannada, has to add another vowel to the pre-existing English words hahahaha! 

It was the emergency team of a renowned hospital in Japan. It has been noted to all the emergency team that there is a call from a town call Kyoto, a bit far from Tokyo. All the doctors rush to help whatever case it might be. It is always a game for the emergency team. The case might as well be as serious as someone has been hit by an avalanche or as simple as someone being beat up by some mafia gang. Whatever it is, they must be impromptu!

The helicopter boarded off. Kids seeing it in the air, flying proudly, were running across the field following its path but could never catch up. As the helicopter landed, the emergency team ran with all their might to see what's wrong and who's the victim. 

It's a 40 year old something man. There was a blow on his head. Bleeding profusely. However, nothing seems like something fell on his head. The wife of that victim was asked how it had happened. "I threw an ashtray and it landed on his forehead, accidentally," she said. How lovely.

It was suspected after further investigations and physical examination that the victim now suffered from a hematoma in his brain. It must be removed but then again complications in medicine are always something people has to adhere to. Even a million-worth of treatment can lead to serious complications. Oh God why?

The victim's wife was walking to and fro at the aisle of the waiting corner. She was worried sick. But she was the one who threw the ashtray. She regrets it now. One of the attending doctors came to see her. Explaining what she should be informed of. The couple then needed counseling on which treatment they would prefer to continue. 

And so, these two couples sat next to each other, confronting 3 doctors in a meeting room. The victim and his bandaged head looks as if he never knew the woman sitting beside him. His wife tried hard to console him, putting her hand over his arm, but the victim quickly pulled his arm away. It was obvious that the two is having some marriage mishaps.

Dr Satoshi explained everything about the hematoma. Now the treatment is either, to remove and would lead to a serious complication of loosing a memory. Another, is to just repair the vessels, but the tumor could grow, and the patient might die. They must agree to at least one. And the doctors aren't persuasive of neither.

Outside the meeting room, as the victim was about to be sent to his bed in his wheelchair, he looked at his wife and say; "I bet you are happy now aren't you. I hope I never knew you"

His wife cried on the spot. Who wouldn't. And she ran away without ever being stopped by her husband.

Dr Satoshi went to see his wife. Asking what's the matter with both of them. And whether or not, they had made any decision upon which treatment they would like to proceed with. 

The wife who was sitting and holding her paper cup containing cold coffee; again cries. 

"You know, sir...he was different" suddenly she uttered.

The doctor looked at her...with the most pitiful face.

"After a day that we met, my husband, he...asked me whether I would be with him forever. He kneel and I still remember how his knees were shaking badly...."

"He also said that he never saw anyone prettier than me...but now..."

" the ashtray you threw at him..." asked Dr Satoshi

"He was always returning home very late...maybe he has someone else"

"He said he is bored with me"...and she cried more.

2 days passed, and now the couple finally decided. The husband wanted to remove the hematoma. Regardless the complication of losing his memory, he said that it would be the best. The wife followed his wish; although deep down inside; she's in deep pain. Deep pain knowing her husband would rather loses all his memory of them together.

While the victim was about to be brought to the surgical theatre, his wife was there to follow.

"No! Don't come with me!" demanded the husband.

His wife who was holding his hand, drew away hers. She cried.

Before the victim was anesthetic-ally put into sleep , he told the doctor something.

"Sir...could you please tell my wife I love her?"
 The doctor just smiled and nodded.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success. The victim was conscious three days later. But he lost all his memories. His wife acted normal. When she came...after recovering from her sadness, she stood a little bit far from her husband. Worried that he might again hurt her. Hurt her heart. 

When her husband saw her...he asked the nurse to bring him closer to his wife.

" I know you?"

"Because, I think I saw you somewhere, yesterday maybe?"

The wife became perplexed. 

"Would you be with me....? Although I've only known you since yesterday?"

And his knees were shaking....

The wife cried...once more,

Memory of them in the past might have lost, but they are regaining NEW ones. How exciting.

>>p/s: We are not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again :) <<


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