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Monday, 1 July 2013

Reality USMKLE for freshies

Less than 3 weeks will I suffer from my examination syndrome, Selanjar 2, is looming. Preparation is under the progress. Can't say how fast or slow the speed is, only Allah could tell.

In addition, the year 2 is gonna be seniors soon. We didn't quite feel of being a senior this year, since most of the first years are of our age (21 years/born in 1992) so the next new semester will be full of fun. Hahaha

Some things I need to clarify here, about this medical institution where I am in. It is called USMKLE IMP Belgaum, India. Again, it's NOT Belgium. Although, there's winter around December; this place is far beyond Belgium. And chocolates. But the people are variation of 'chocolates' , if you know what I meant. :P

This year, only one person approached me to ask regarding USMKLE, also a cyber friend, by which her brother is considering to come to USMKLE too. I hope this helps by any means. 

1. Common question: Is USMKLE differ in any ways from USMKK? 

-Answer: Yes. Of course, when it's two different places; you HAVE TO EXPECT for differences. When I mention about differences, there are; the teaching staff. In USMKK, the teaching staff are abundant. But most of them are also practicing doctors, so they are super duper busy. I've heard stories from friends at USMKK, that even during PBL (group discussion), the conducting lecturers couldn't show up because they have to attend wards session/surgery or alike. 

It is different in USMKLE. Our teaching stuff, is not Malaysians of course, except for Prof Kamaruddin Jalam (Prof KJ) who is also our Deputy Dean and some short courses lecturers that came all the way from Kampus Induk, to teach Bahasa Melayu, Etnik and Tamadun Islam. By far only Bahasa Melayu is being conducted in a class session for 2 weeks. That sometimes, it will be out of the class schedule so students should bear in mind that, they have to sacrifice time during weekends, during holidays like raya haji to accommodate these classes. HAHAHA. so enjoy!

And in USMKLE, there haven't been much cases where doctors cannot attend us for teaching session like SGD (small group discussion) in first year or PBL in year 2 and 3. Only this year alone, there have been 4 classes postpone from their original schedule. But for SGS and PBL, there are always substitute teachers/lecturers.

NO difference. Since, we will be graduated with the same MD USM title. :D And going for convocation in Kampus Induk (Penang) LOL. 

2. What's so special? 

-The cadavers! Being first year, what you can enjoy is having the cadavers to learn anatomy. Everyone should have known India, is abundant of cadavers so yeah, so does USMKLE. 12 students and one teaching lecturer per cadaver, is good enough to have hands on experience with the dead body's muscles, bones and organs. Just need to be brave. Use this benefit well because anatomy will be again recollected in year 2,3 and till you die!!

Classes on weekends. Yes people! You only have Sunday for a break (except in Year 2 where sometimes the weekends also include Saturdays). Meaning, on Saturday, you'll be embarking yourself with classes. Enjoy!

Co-curicullar activities are somewhat different. In USMKK, students can choose variety of activities, sports, cultural and even language classes as minor courses. But for USMKLE, since it's still new, and the community is not that big (lesser students), some programmes/activities in USMKK will not be held here. 

As for now, we only have Samudra. It's a sports and cultural event for USMKLE students. More like rumah sukan in schools. Games held are like: Badminton, Pingpong, Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Baling Selipar, Galah Panjang, Volleyball and other field tracts events like sprinting etc.

We also have Discover programme conducted by the Sports Bureau; it's out of Belgaum activity. For hiking and camping and other extreme sports/activities.

The bureau also came out with the Kembara programme, Bon Voyage it's called. To promote USMKLE to the world. It's like you plan with a group of at least two members for a voyage abroad and made a video out of the experience and share your experience here with friends studying abroad. But all the expenses are self-initiated of course!

This year, we started to have inter-university competitions: we participated in Legenda Games in Manipal. Interacting with students from Melaka Manipal College MMC as well as those from MSU Bangalore, and other universities around the same states. (of India)

Last year, there was Trinity by JNMC. It is held once in two years. It's for sports and cultural games too. Some of my friends won prizes in the competitions held. It was a fun exposure. 

But I can also tell you that there are some similarities. For instance

1. The schedule: Similar but not the same. Probably the classes in USMKK is lesser than what we have here. I don't know why but that happens. But we share the common public holidays like holidays for deepavali, for raya haji, for post selanjar/pro (big examinations) and of course aidilfitri break.  USMKLE however, also runs for a break during common Indian celebrations which are so many. You come here you will know.

2. Examinations are conducted simultaneously. For big exams like Selanjar (Continuous Assessments) and Pro Exams. Together with Bahasa Melayu, English as well as Etnik. 

3. Students still need to complete the project on business and management (Keusahawanan) and Etnik on the contra of Religion within the date given.

4. Still under the supervision of the board of Governors of USM. Means students still have to abide to certain rules made by USM like curfew hours, and not allowed to have a motorcycle/scooter.

5. Students are welcomed to join with friends in USMKK, in events/programmes like PPSL (facilitating orientation week for the juniors in USMKK) and others if not interrupting with normal schedules of teaching.

6. Students HAVE to work for MyCSD. Merit points for their profiles. But unlike in USMKK, where students have to collect it in order to secure a place in the campus for hostels; USMKLE students are needed to collect this points as to add up to degree marking point. Not for hostel purposes. To get these points; for USMKLE students; abundant events/activities/programmes by the institute could help if you are eager enough to participate.

Hostel and accommodation and facilities

We are now living in a lavish, huge USM Hostel. But it's without single room. You can apply for single room, but have to pay extra (as if you are a two person). The fees for a double room cost 900 USD meanwhile for single it may come up to USD 1800. 

The room comes with a big window (very efficient for ventilation), a small pantry, where you can cook and store your food, furnished with big desk (workstation), equipped with Ethernet LAN (for internet cable), beds etc. Also, each room is having one bathroom. No more sharing of bathrooms like what our friends in USMKK are enduring :P

The hostel is also a walking distance from the USMKLE campus. But don't make it an excuse to come late for classes :P Oh and other thing is that don't expect this hostel is perfect in every sense. It's new, so the building isn't fully completed. You might stumbled upon the Indian workers here and there. 

For facilities: We have a laundry space with washing machines at the basement, together with our cafe where we called it MESS, and also a small counter of bakery Kake Walk that sells cakes, muffins and pastries. Not to mention, we have a spacious gymnasiums. For boys and girls hostel that is. And the fees for 6 months gym subscription is just RS1800. 

SOUL/Kerohanian: There's a musolah at the basement, we called it Az Zumar. And many religious sharing are being conducted there. 


USM syllabus brings students to the clinical world as early as 2nd year. For phase 2 (Year 2 and 3), we have one session of clinical per week. It's according to the module/block learn in a particular period. We are now using the benefit of Prabakar Kore KLE Hospital which is a walking-distance hospital for clinical teaching/bedside teachings. 

Students at this phase must master/know Kannada or Hindi at the very least; for the purpose of communicating with the patients. Mind you that patients DO NOT comprehend English (very lucky if you get one). We have a clinical book that serves as a reference to communicate with the patients. That helps. Also, we have one Kannada/Hindi class a week. The class is fun because the teacher is fun, but can be very annoying because Kannada isn't fun to learn. Very hard language for me :(

At this phase, students must master the art of taking history out of the patients, and present it (case presentation) in front of the doctors allocated for each group. Don't pee in your pants just yet because this can be very nerve wrecking !!

 In phase 3, when you passed PRO 2, most of the time is allocated in hospitals. And USMKLE is gonna have its own teaching hospital soon, but it's not near. Around 10 minutes from the hostel and the campus. Gonna be super tiring in true clinical years! 

>>p/s: That's all I can write now. Sleepy...ask me more because I might forgot to add some points here. <<


azrul sofi said...

salam senior hehe, saya telah dapat offer letter usm kle dia suruh register 1 sept dkt usm kubang kerian maksudnya terus fly or orentasi? selalunya bila fly? n boleh tolong tak bagi list apa yang perlu dibuat untuk persiapan selain visa? thanks :D

dayanaazhar:) said...

salam. maaf lambat sgt reply. saya baru perasan :(

anyhow, yes, 1 september tu bermaksud awak kena pi usmkk, kubang kerian utk daftar di sana. inshaALLAH, kalau takde halangan, saya juga akan ada disana sebagai facilitator.

orientasi awak nnti bersama pelajar baru yg akan belajar di usmkk, patutnya orientasi berjalan selama seminggu. tetapi utk pelajar usmkle, sbb kena fly ke India, mungkin 4 hari sahaja akan berada di kampus usmkk.

di sana nnti, inshaAllah akan ada separate orientation dan juga orientation bersama dengan pelajar sana. nnti awak akan tau. I'll write a separate post on what to bring to the orientation berdasarkan pengalaman saya sbg facilitator tahun lepas.

dont worry, ada apa2 tanya banyak2 ye. saya taknak kes sama berlaku mcm tahun lepas. banyak menyusahkan korang yg baru nak masuk. I'll write that post and please forward to your friends who will be joining us.

:D. approach saya di twitter kalau nak lebih cepat hehehehe ;D

azrul sofi said...

hehe okay thanks will wait for that post :)..btw kiranya terus fly la kan kena bwk barang terus lah kan?fly bulan 9 jugak? ingat lepas orentasi boleh balik rumah dulu baru amik barang pastu pergi klia haha :D

dayanaazhar:) said...

kalau rumah jauh daripada kelantan better do so. and yes fly katakanlah on either 6-9 haribulan 9 tu. kalau lambat they'll tell u. susah nak bagitau because masa experience sy haritu beza. and last year's intake pon beza.

last year's intake datang lambat sikit. not bulan 9. and we had double intake last year. lain tarikh/bulan sebab masalah mara.

awak dpt borang mara masa interview tu jugak?

azrul sofi said...

ouhhh rumah dekat kl fly dari kelantan ke? tu lah tgh cari loan lagi ni baru nak mohon mara esok nk tanya usm kle sendiri..

amalia aina said...

salam kak, aritu pihak usm da emel suruh submit borang Mara. selalunya, lama x tggu jwpn dr phak Mara?

kalau usm dah suruh submit borang, peluang cerah x dapat scholarship?

skrg tgh bgung pasal Mara shj nie.

bila start buat visa? lama x buat visa? offer letter dah dapat dah semalam kak

dayanaazhar:) said...

wasalam amalia:)

oh kalau dah submit, dah tulis esei semua, inshaAllah peluang cerah. selalunya around august dpt jawapan MARA. kena selalu tunggu update, and check website mara ye dik. surat mara/borang perjanjian pon boleh sampai lambat sikit kalau awak tinggal jauh dari KL. so kalau kat KL, bila dia suruh amek borang, pi sendiri kat jalan raja laut tu k. isi borang perjanjian elok2. nnti tak diterima hehehe:D

visa awak kena start buat bila dah confirm ada sponsorship. either mara atau tanggung sendiri. visa tak lama, just paling lama 2 hari. pi awal tau nak buat visa, sebab biasanya ramai. pi pagi2.

alhamdulillah dah dpt offer letter, bulan ramadhan ni afdhal. doa banyak2 la ye utk MARA. inshaAllah dpt:)

amalia aina said...

jawapan scholar cek dekat website Mara? I thought they send it through email. almost every hour cek mail hahaha

sy rs aritu fasa 1 dayana, sbb lpas abis interview phak usm xde suruh isi borng Mara. aritu submit sijil spm, sijil lahir, pendapatan parents ape smua tu je. xde tulis esei pon :( esei nak tulis psal psal ourselves ke?

takut la dayana. student lepasan diploma ade x kne sponsor?

dayanaazhar:) said...

oh yes. tapi sebelum nak check scholar mara, awak kena apply dulu, dapatkan borang mara. borang tu boleh dapat kat pejabat MARA di jalan raja Laut, KL ataupun di website MARA. cari yang pinjaman pelajar. sebab ni convertible loan.

sekali dgn application tu kena hantar essay. tu wajib, utk application. kalau dah dapat borang application tau la.

essay basically tulis pasal kenapa nak jadi doctor, and kenapa mara kena ambil awak. and sebagai bumiputera, apa yg akan awak beri khidmat selepas tamat pengajian.

budak lepasan diploma IB ramainya yang dpt scholar/loan. lepasan diploma sains/universiti dalam negara, pon ada je. tapi tu first batch kami. batch saya dan selepas saya, takde pelajar lepasan diploma drp selain IB/KMB/KMS.

ramai je mereka yg dpt tawaran usmkle yg lepasan diploma tahun lepas tak dpt MARA/scholar, and thats y they didnt come to register. so probability rendah sejujurnya.

kalau boleh, tanya saya kat twitter saya, lebih senang. hehehe :D harap bantu.

hadirah humaira said...

salam kak,skim pinjaman yg mara buat tu mmg stdnt kna byr 20% dr jmlh kslrhn prgrm usm kle nie?saya dlm dlema skrg nie sbb sya dpt smbung medic dkt u malaysia dgn usm-kle ni...rmai sggest saya msuk u dlm je,sbb under jpa...tpi hati sya byk utk prgrm nie lg?

hadirah humaira said...

kak,mmg skim pinjaman mara tu stdnt kna byr 20%ke dr jmlh kslrhn yuran prgrm usm kle?sya dpt usm kle dgn kos medic dkt u malaysia....rmai org srh saya bljr di u di malaysia shja sbb jpa akn taja...tpi hati saya byk berat utk prgrm usm kle nie....ada yg kata kna byr sparuh dr yuran tu,mara akn byr sparuh...

dayanaazhar:) said...

Hadirah humaira: yep skim pinjaman boleh ubah mara dah tukar polisi. to all the sponsored students, have to pay back 20% daripada harga yang akan mereka bayar. for usmkle, rough total duit mara bagi is 400 thousand ringgit malaysia plus2. Dekat setengah juta, utk pengajian 5 tahun, termasuk elaun bulanan, elaun komputer, baju dll.

and dalam borang perjanjian mara, if u get mara, mereka akan sertakan dokumen yg beritahu sampai kadar syilling berapa awak perlu bayar. bayar boleh secara ansuran, and ikut budi bicara mara. from what we all have heard, kalau result bagus, this convertible loan can be totally converted to sponsorship. means you dont have to pay anything, maybe just 1%. wallahualam.

tapi kalau awak dh dpt U kat malaysia tu berbaloi la awak pergi. bukan senang nak secure tempat kat malaysia. saya pon ada masalah dulu. and usmkle ni awak grad under USM MD. kira sama dgn rakan2 di USM kelantan. tapi semua di sini berbeza cara pembelajaran dan suasana.

harap saya jawab soalan awak. if anything else you have doubt with, feel free to approach me:) in twitter lg cepat hohoooo;D

mierah said...

salam, akak..nk tnya kn
borang perjanjian mara dh smpai n dia nk visa,passport n bukak mcm mna nk buat visa tu??kena ambil borang ker atau terus pegi kat kedutaan india?

dayanaazhar:) said...

Wasalam mira, please refer to post baru akak. borang dapat online ye. kena print then pi ke visa center.

valere_ara said...

okay akak..thanks..hehe=)

valere_ara said...

okay akak..thanks for the info..hehehe..may Allah bless u =)

Mohd Ammar said...

Blood test buat masa orientasi atau sblm orientasi..

Ps: saya dh wat blood test siap2 dah..
tup2 bace blog laen kata kena buat wktu orientasi

Mohd Ammar said...

Blood test buat mase orientasi atau sblm???

sya dh wat blood test... tup2 bace blog laen kata buat blod test time orientasi

dayanaazhar:) said...

to mohd ammar:

dik, actually yang kena buat blood test kat kubang kerian tu (USMKK) are those yang tak buat lagi blood test or blood test dia tak lengkap.

tak lengkap here means takde HIV test, or hepatitis. so make sure lengkap la ye

dah buat tu alhamdulillah nnti senang kalau tak nnti kena pi beratur kat HUSM utk buat. HUSM tu busy dik. nnti kena macam2 prosedur nk daftar bagai. hahaha. good for you dah buat. see u in india:)

Mohd Ammar said...

thank akak,

1.skrg musim ape erk?
2.Ane yg jadi chef MESS tu islam ke?
menu favourite die ape ye?

Mohd Ammar said...

thank akak,

1.skrg musim ape erk?
2.Ane yg jadi chef MESS tu islam ke?
menu favourite die ape ye?

dayanaazhar:) said...

@mohd ammar:)

1. sekarang musim sejuk. winter inshaAllah. Sejuk jugaklah, so bawalah baju tebal sikit

2. Jujur cakap chef bukan Islam. tapi dia masak makanan halal je la jgn risau. menu favourite dia kari la hahhaha. bayaran tak tau utk korang, sebab asyik berubah. hahaha

Mohd Ammar said...

Erk..Bkn Islam ke?
Klu sye x nk mkn di MESS, ad ke gerai2/ cafe2 dkt situ?
Option lain slain mess?
Mcm mane dgn senior2 yg dh tak amek mess?

Mohd Ammar said...

sory kak...byk tnye..
Pimpin kiteorang kena pergi ke?

Jazakallah hu khairan kathira

dayanaazhar:) said...

@ mohd ammar

basically, first year WAJIB amek mess. because takut korang terkejut dgn mknn mereka yang mostly tak berapa bersih sgt. this is to train ur immune. aahaha. jgn risau, dia masak halal food only. tp yelah kan tak leh banyak complain. I dk if ada apa2 perubahan waktu awak dtg nnti

akak takde rezeki nak pimpin korang di PPSL nnti (Kubang kerian) but my good friends will. ada Abang Ryan Gilbert and Afiq Aizat yang baik hati utk pimpin korang. Goodluck:) enjoy hari2 terakhir cuti panjang hahaha

Edin said...

Nak tanya, studentsegi kelas pakaian mcm mana?
Kalau lelaki tu, kena pakai kemeja + tie hari2 ke??
U explain je la kod pemakaian ke kelas for boys kat sana

Edin said...

Nak tanya, kod pemakaian stdnts lelaki kt sana hari2 kemeja+tie ke?

dayanaazhar:) said...

HOHO encik Edin

Kod pemakaian bagi lelaki simple, kemeja and slack. tapi tie tak wajib...jeans pon boleh actually. but jgn pakai selipar la walaupun boleh. biar nampak kemas sikit as a med student. crocs boleh...

tapi jgn tak bawak pula tie. bawa je...ada masa rasa nak formal, pakai la full, tie, kemeja and slack.

serious, kat usmkle pemakaian tak begitu strict berbanding USMKK.

harap jawab soalan ye. :)

Light & Fragrance said...

bole dptkan fb akak x..snang sket nk tanya..

Light & Fragrance said...

bole akak bg fb akak x?sbb snang sjet nk tanya..thanx :)

dayanaazhar:) said...

fb akak, cari dayana azhar :)

whats app pon boleh +919845484899 :) sila sila tanya

nina insyiraah said...

hai senior... nak tnye, kat sana ade x usrah? tq

dayanaazhar:) said...

@nina insyirah. jgn risau ada je :)

votemil said...

salam kak, nak tanya kalau pelajar lepasan asasi sains pertanian upm boleh mohon x kursus ni? Ssb sy dgr pelajar asper x boleh mohon. Betul ke?