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Thursday, 18 November 2010

MUET Second Session end 2010

Malaysian University English Test (MUET) laid down its curtain on last Saturday the 13th November 2010. That was the second session comprising of reading, writing and listening. To be frank, it's neither easy nor tricky. I would say it was neutral. 

Every students in Malaysia, who wanna pursue his or her degree in the local University, MUST at least score the MUET at band 3. Well, for foundation in science students, like me, that is the least score I should make for the very test. Many told me MUET is easy and it's like answering normal English paper, but seriously, if you haven't really expose to English in a long run, the thought could be amputated. It has been a quite while since I ever talk to anyone in English and even write factual essay so I had hard time and this is not a joke :(.

Reading was the first to be encountered. Oh before that, I really think I used the wrong pen. Do we have to use black pen in every paper we are answering? Seriously, I only noticed that everyone was using a black pen instead of me during the listening session. I am afraid that I did used the wrong colour pen, and I am scared that my paper would be disqualified. Please tell me I am wrong people! Ok back to the main point, reading is fun when you can read fast and understand many bombastic words like a flash of lightning. 4 passages, which are long and confusing needed to be trim and scanned in 90 minutes. Questions are MCQ, but I always confuse with false and not stated choices. Hope I did them well though. :'(

Writing was next after given a plainly 10 minutes break. least we should been given a free brunch no? Anyways, writing comprised of two tasks. Task A was a summary. But I already forgotten the topic that came out. Hahaar so fast eh? I don't know why, but I forget things VERY EASY nowadays. But, still, I remember the task B, it was a factual essay that needed to be up to 350 words at least. Mine was over the limit, because I engulfed with the topic ARRANGED MARRIAGE so much. I jotted down some relevant ideas before starting to write, but like always, I failed to use the ideas, instead came up with what comes up while writing down those words. T.T Hope they can read it. My handwriting is worst than boys'.

And last but not least, LISTENING was the last to be done. Radios were turning on, and we have to listen to three conversation made by the family of Doe. I was quite unsatisfied by how the test was conducted. The voices were a bit hard to hear, since it was held in a plainly classrooms with other classrooms side by side. Echoes were heard elsewhere. It was supposed to be done in a sound proof chamber no? Like the recording studio kinda room? Right? But, whatever it went, I had a blast of boredom. 

I don't want to have high expectations for it may not come in the right way like I want it too. Tawakal is the best option and the least I can do now. Plus, after knowing that my cgpa wouldn't make it through premedic course in UiTM, I feel jaded AGAIN. Bye-bye hopes to study in Malaysia:'( Bye-Bye UiTM, Bye-bye UKM :'(

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Calvin Charles said...

i like it... i really understand your feelings dayana....