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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Making Money

To be a student is a hard work. Thinking how fast time flew, and how abruptly you have used all the allowances is a nightmare. Good students are given scholarships, some take that as a responsibility and some just plainly don't because, perhaps, they come from a well-being family. But, still some just plainly act low profile, use the money only on something important and save the rest. Maybe money doesn't mean anything to them.

A month plus plus of holidays finally laid down it's curtain. It was boring to know that holidays were spent with nothing but excessive sleeping and blogging and chatting nonsense via skype. But knowing how those days where you don't have to worry about what will happen the next day is heaven! I will only have them back when semester II ends, on the late of March 2011.

Having a degree on medicine is something I really wish would come true. No hard work, no pray, no perseverance, and no entry given would make it just plainly a dream. I still on my wits end thinking on other options. Sorry to note that I have none. Saying you want to be something and had that something for your career just because you have dream for it the whole life, is pathetic. And pathetically, it happens to me. To be rich by being a doctor, is a certain not. But, why when people ask what I wanna do with life, the answers would give rise to those that need money to be settled down? 

Three friends so far have invited me to join a business venture. I can say that it's not a bizarre thing. They came online nicely and sent messages nicely, to ask me to join them in the Score A business, which as for me, thought of it more likely as Marketing Level thingy, which, frankly speaking, kinda hard to be trusted. Thanks Hanif, Fidrie and Azeryl for that many many explanations on the program. Really appreciate them. But to start ahead, joining them is not easy. It needs money still! Where am I gonna find that so much money?   God knows. 

Listing 20 names that I know best, who can really help lend me RM 50 per person is a tough thing to do. I never really had ask people for funds. Even for a RM 10, it feels awkward. But, if they are willing to help lending me some money, it is for the business sake. And, I PROMISE to pay it back in a month. Well, that's what Hanif told me. How far is it to be true, only God Knows. 

However, after looking at the three categories of people in this world, which 

  1. 1. see the chances, but think that he has so much time, so why now? 

  2. 2. grab the opportunity fast, for it won't come in twice. 

  3. 3. wait for others to show better results, and be happy with what they earn. Precaution should be priority.

I rather want to be the no. 2. I wanna make money fast. But can I? Multi Level Marketing is not east. Cooperation to find underground dealers is a must, must be filthy diligent to find buyers and must be very optimistic of what lies ahead. After seeing how, some of them who joined the venture, could gained up to RM30 K for three months, roused my goosebumps and anxiety. For sure, money can't bring to death, but death needs money, for kain kapan, tanah kubur and etc. Right?

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