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Monday, 19 September 2011

Maybe some other time

Assalamualaikum....I wanna brag that I really miss blogging. Internet is not a bless here to be accessible, especially at the hostel. But, on the bright sides of it, I have time more to sleep, to tidy up my room, to enjoy the sceneries of Belgaum, India and other things I usually miss when Internet was my closest buddy.

Plus, there are things which restricts me to blog. One of them, is internet of course, other one would be the humane ethic and feelings of sentient towards my dear 21 friends who are still stranded at USM Kubang Kerian. I must say, the way MMC managed things is vulgarly done. Pity for those who volunteered to stay and more pitiful for those who were 'destined' by one small paper written 'STAY' on that very day of 8th September 2011.

I am sad that a friend named Darina isn't here. But perhaps, Allah has a better plan for her and also the others. Sorry to all of them, I don't know of any more words to console you. The more I say, the more hurt you will become, I know that. Just remember, for whatever that happened, things happened for a hidden reason. And only Allah could answer that. My prayer would be, SABAR.

Good things recently happened. One of them is that I get this nice room I wanna share with Darina. But last week, the hostel management staff took away the mattress beside me that was gonna be Darina's place. They took it without my notice and I was so shocked. I was later asked to move to another single bedded room which the location I disliked due to bad window view and too close to the boys' hostels. Alhamdulillah, things has settled. I got a room mate now and thus staying in that beautiful room for another 6 or 8 months.

I have seen the room for the new hostel which is still under construction. The room is quite small but cosy not fully finished. I doubt that it could be fully finished by another 6 months though. Plus, arriving at a new place isn't as easy as one could think. I don't know why they said here everything is cheap because trust me it's not. They have the almost standard malaysian price for electrical appliances. Plastics appliances are so expensive here. But medical books are of heaven! So cheap! I bought a thick Guyton and Hall book of Medical Physiology at INR 1450. Just revert to RM by dividing this with 15. 

Oops got to go.....will be posting later :)

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