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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Syukur kerana tak cantik

One day, at beloved kampung, mom and I were getting ready for an open house at Pak Tam's. We were standing in front of the mirror. Fixing our tudung and wearing some bits of powder etc, for of course to look good. Every woman wanna look good during raya. Just agree on this LADIES!

"Mama....I look fat in this outfit...arghh geram" said me

"Ah..yeah...I noticed. Too much food I supposed. Biasalaah raya kan....lepas ni diet ler" said mom..being honest

"Arghhh...hate this..." I replied

"But remember. Being pretty is not good too for someone. Boleh timbul riak. Look at your sister" my mom added.

"So you should be grateful not being that pretty. It's good to be just normal as you are. So you won't be riak" she continued.

I admit I am jealous to see pretty ladies. I am even jealous at my sister. And that's bad. But then again, being just pretty in the face and on the outside when actually the inside is rusty, is worst than everything.

>>>p/s: kecantikan rupa paras bonus. ada yang cantik luaran dan dalaman. ada yang setakat fizikal sahaja. well, not that I am not grateful being ME...but humans do face jealousy most of the time. And not that my sister is just beautiful on the outside, she is kind and beautiful inside out, but sometimes she annoys us by being annoying. Mengada lebih....and I think that's normal for a pre-mature teenage girl <<<


hamzah ian said...

allah buat macam2 variasi.. hehe

faisal said...

"Look at your sister"... hahaha..